Sunday, December 4, 2016


My grandson Liam is one special person.
That is FOR SURE.

Yesterday (Saturday) Bailey and Will told about him on Facebook.
I'll share that with you in a minute (in case you missed it).

First, you must know...
Liam did a masterful job supervising my decorating of our Christmas tree last week,
and he is just 13 months old!...
Oh yes.
He really watched and approvingly smiled all the way.

Now here I am copying and pasting Bailey's good post on Facebook about little Liam...
Hi everybody! We wanted to share what's going with our family right now.
About six weeks ago we found out why Liam is developmentally delayed, why he is so short and why he has problems with his eyes. He has been diagnosed with chromosome 18 p deletion, which means that the short arm of that chromosome is partially missing. It is a rare condition that can cause a wide variety of issues, but primarily it causes physical and mental challenges in most all cases.
Even though we had suspected that he may have an underlying condition, it still came as a shock to us and we are still taking it all in. His future is a big unknown right now, and we are trying to learn as much as we can about how to help him as he grows up. He's still our sweet little Liam who brings us so much joy, and we wouldn't trade him for the world!
Love, Bailey, Will and Nell

Here he is with his dad on Halloween...
Isn't that a great picture?
Curious George!

Here he is at Nell's 3rd birthday party, with his dear grandmother Lita, whom he calls 'CALO"

Here he is with his beautiful Mimi back in May...

And here they are in August...

These next few pictures are similar. I just couldn't decide which one I liked best...

I don't know how to show videos on here (unless they're on YouTube), so I'm letting those 4 pictures be my 'video'. (You can look at them fast.)
In case you don't know, that's Elizabeth (my dear niece) with her girls Anna and Caroline playing with Liam. Oh, and Liam's sister Nell is playing, too. (Andrew's in the background, in the upper right.)  By the way, Andrew is a major supporter of Liam. He (Andrew) is always SO happy to see Liam. They're going to be best 'buds' through the years.

I get to take care of Liam most every Monday (from 8:30 - 2:30ish) and I love it. I love it so much.
Well, who wouldn't love this fella (whose picture I actually got not long ago with my iPhone in my right hand)...
I know. 
You just want to snuggle with him, don't you?
(Lucky me.)

I will (almost) close with a quote I'm copying and pasting from Dr. Barris Ayres,
from his comment on Facebook...
He has a special future ahead!
God has already made sure he was given to wonderful parents.

 Oh, and Liam's great Aunt Lorie wrote this...
His future is a big unknown- but remember it's still BIG!
Love you all!

Isn't that great?


FINALLY, I'll close with this pic of his 1st birthday party last month...
Beautiful/wonderful family, huh?
(He is without clothes because he was getting ready to devour that cake!)

I love that family so much. 


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