Thursday, December 29, 2016

More Christmas Memories, 2016

Friday night, December 23, '16 we got together and had an easy meal that I like, pizza...
Those are Ryan, Laura and Ransom's people enjoying being together.
(Ransom was sleeping in the other room.)

Earlier that afternoon Ryan, Laura and Ransom flew in from Portland, OR...

While Ryan and Sam were getting the luggage, Laura got Ransom ready for his first Christmas...
There was a fellow passenger who was bragging to me about how well Ransom did on the flight.
She knew I would want to know.
I think she might have been a proud grandmother also.

And here is another proud grandmother...
Isn't Ryan's mom gorgeous?

And here is a proud great grandmother with that grandmother, with their precious bundle.
I think I have only beautiful people in my life.

Here are some more...
That's my dear son-in-law second from right with his parents and sister, and his dear wife on the left.
Oh, and his son Ransom is in the arms of Ransom's loving grandmother, who goes by Nana.
Ryan's brother Zach couldn't be with us, and we missed him!

On Christmas morning, we had Christmas breakfast, which my hubby always cooks/bakes/fries!
(Yes, I married well.)

We had eighteen present and hungry.

I didn't get very many pictures, as I was busy getting 'unhungry'.

Here are a few pics I took before and after...
That fella on the right is Chris Wilkins, who sat in for Zach.
He is a dear friend of Ryan and Laura's and now he is our family member.
(Chris couldn't go to his home for Christmas,; we were glad he could come to ours.)

You may also notice that we had some cinnamon rolls.
One box were Cinnabons and two boxes were Whataburger cinnamon rolls.
(I actually prefer the Whataburger ones.)
Ah, but those delicious cinnamon rolls were no match to Sam's scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits
and especially the sausage gravy.
Sam could win a sausage gravy competition.
Now here are some pictures after the meal was enjoyed...
Yes, Sam is cleaning the kitchen!!
I told you I married well.
'Course Sam told John, Will and Jerry that he could handle the mess, since we have a small kitchen now.

Those three got to talk about life.
(No one talked politics that day as there were many views present.)

Here are a few more candid pictures...

I'm going to (almost) close with a picture that I posted on my last blog-post.
I'm putting it up again in case you missed something important.
Did you see how little Liam is holding onto Andrew's pinky finger?
I love that so much.
They're good buds.

I will close this post with a picture I happened to see on Facebook,
missing when the actual picture was taken here on Christmas day...
That's my son and his family.
Are they not beautiful?!

I don't think I have anybody but beauties around me.
Yes, they are all easy on the eyes,
and wonderful in the heart!!

(Or sooner)

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