Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ready or not...

Christmas is upon us!

I often get in a tizzy right about this time of year. An irrational tizzy.
Then hubby and I talk and I get settled down.

We had a good talk this morning.
I did settle down.

After all, perfectionists are NOT coming to our house - well, except for me (a recovering one), but I'm already here.

And who cares if the gifts I give aren't just right?
What gifts are ever just right???

Isn't that what we started learning as we were growing up?
Didn't Christmas get less magical every year?
Am I the only one who thinks that?
(That is not to berate my parents, they made it as magical and wonderful as possible...
I was just not magical and wonderful, the older I got.) (My inner critic started at an early age.)
Really. My twin pointed out to me one time that I was a negative person pretty much. She was speaking truth. (She pointed that out to me when we were about fourteen or fifteen.)
Her truth led to, well, it's a long story... but her truth eventually led to a wonderful relationship with my marvelous Counselor, Savior, Friend, God.

When I find myself getting back to being my critical self (towards others and myself) I try to catch myself and come back 'home'... to my Savior.
It is such a relief.
Such a profound relief.

And then I truly enjoy Christmas.

[I hope YOU don't get YOUR tinsel in a tangle, like I do sometimes.]

Here are some pictures that remind me of the important 'things'...



Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to enjoy Christmas Day with all of you!Everything you do is always wonderful!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the story of love told by these pictures. What a special family that has meant so much to us! Merry Christmas to all!!

John & Mary Lou

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