Sunday, December 25, 2016

There are no words for Christmas 2016...

... just pictures.

Well, there might be a few words. Yes, there are some captions.
(If you know me, you know I can't go speechless!)

That is Nana with her six great grandchildren!!

That's Nana (Mother Margaret) with her son-in-law in his faux Christmas attire (that is a long-sleeve t-shirt.)
(I love his outfit.)

That is beloved Ransom with his Nana Maxwell and Grammy Carmack.
We are his grandmothers!!!
(SUPER SPECIAL PEOPLE, if I do say so!!!)

And that's Ransom with his beautiful Aunt Victoria who loves him very much.

That's Ransom with his loving parents, Ryan and Laura.

That's Ransom with Elizabeth who could be called his 'aunt'.
Yeah, we'll call her Aunt Elizabeth.

That is Ransom with his cousin Nell.

That's Nell, Ransom and Liam doing some tummy time together.
(Those are my three grandchildren.)
(Tummy time sounds good, huh?)

Nana (Grandmother Margaret) has her own special time with her newest great grandchild, Ransom.

Well, this blog post is mainly about Ransom.
Well, he IS the newest family member!
(Did you know his name comes from the main character in C.S. Lewis' SPACE TRILOGY?)
(I think that is pretty wonderful.)

I could tell you more about our Christmas...
and how Sam and the men did Christmas breakfast.


And my heart is full.

I hope YOU had a good Christmas, too.

(Now I'm going to rest.)


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