Saturday, December 10, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things...

[I found out I have lots of favorites.]
[And it's good to think about favorites. It's good for the mind.]

Here we go...
Someone put this on Facebook, and I liked it right away!

And there's this yum...
Sam and I are getting close to finishing this jar!!
(It's so yum with Doritos.)
I got it about 2 weeks ago... before it was even in the stores!!!
That is Connie Renfro with me, as in RENFRO SALSA!!!
We've become friends through the years in the tea room, and so I get to have some RENFRO SALSA!!
(It's sold in most grocery stores everywhere- well, most of their salsas are.))
The Pumpkin Salsa is DELICIOUS!!
It will be jumping off the shelves soon.

Here's a favorite picture of mine...
That's Anna and I at Wendy's.
We had gone shopping for her birthday gift, then treated ourselves to a Frosty!
(Btw, Anna is my (late) twin's youngest granddaughter.)
She turned six years old November 9th.
She is so fun, and so smart, and beautiful inside and out.
I love her so much.

Another favorite of mine is MARDEL.
Here is an outside picture...
And here is an inside picture...
 Mother and I went to the one in Hurst last week, and they had some major sales!
I got quite a few things...
and gave myself some 'Atta-Girls' for my smart purchases.


Now here is a picture I adore...
That is my dear daughter Laura, with her little boy Ransom.
He was born October 18, so he's close to being two months old.
Time needs to slow down.
(They live in Portland, OR, but are coming for Christmas.)
(So Christmas can't come fast enough.)


Here is Ransom's cousin Nell...
Yes, she is beautiful (inside and out).

Here is Nell's little brother with their 'Daddy-Pap', who is my favorite man in the world....
Sweet, huh?

Another of my favorite things is this bumper sticker...
I see it on a car at a quick-stop I frequent and it makes me smile.
Plus it makes me thankful that my kids haven't been student drivers in years.


Here's a picture of a cake I saw in September...
Yes, this is a birthday cake!
The honoree was in the tea room party area (with about 30 folks),
and I was so impressed with this cake I had to take a picture.
(I guess they cut it and ate it, if they could bring themselves to cut it.)



I'll close with one of my absolute favorite Christmas tree ornaments...
That's dear Laura.
(She's the one who is up there with the picture of her and her son Ransom.)
(She has always been beautiful inside and out.)


It's fun blogging about some of my favorite things.
It's got me smiling.

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