Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I feel like getting political...

... but I will refrain.

Well, other than to say that these are CRRRRAZY times in which we're living.
And I'm thinking the inauguration won't make things less crazy. Maybe more.

I will change the subject and think of some favorite things I have now.
[I am needing to smile, and not listen to the news.]

Here we go...
Elizabeth (and her family) gave us some place mats for Christmas. These just aren't any place mats you can buy at a store.
You can see why they are my most favorite place mats of all time!!!
Thank you, Huffmans!!!

Then there are these super deluxe comfy house shoes from my dear daughter, Laura...
They're the most comfortable footwear I have ever had, ever!!

Next is this set of 2 CDs...
Will and Bailey and Nell and Liam gave me this as part of my birthday present.
It's songs from last years Grammy nominees.
Well, they knew I needed to know some more recent songs than "Moon River" and "Jesus Paid it All".
I have them in my car, and am getting acquainted with "The Weekend", and "Florence and The Machine" and Taylor Swift. (I have known who she is, but had NEVER listened to one of her songs.) (She's pretty good.)

Oh, and the fact that GRAMMY is on the cover made me feel good, since I am a GRAMMY.

Will's family also gave me a great journal...
Is that journal title not wonderful??!
And I got this book for my birthday from Laura and Ryan....
If you know me at all you know that I am a long time fan of Agatha Christie,
but I had not read her Miss Marple short stories!!
I've read 2 now, and they are super.
(By the way, I have on some wonderful pajamas there that I got from Laura a few years ago.
When it's cold outside, they are my absolute favorite p.j.s!!

Well, there are so many other things I could put up for my favorite things, but I will add this next one which is not just a thing. It is a grocery store that has just opened about 3 minutes from our house.
I had been to Fiesta Markets before and loved them... and now I have one close by!!!

I took this picture there yesterday...

I called Sam while there and asked, "Do you want to know what I have in my grocery cart?!"
He said, "Yes."

This is what I told him....

Only I got a 12-pack!
Guarana is a delicious soft drink made in Brazil.
And Sam and I always thought (and think) that Antarctica is the best brand.
So I'm planning on having a Brazilian feast soon, and serving it.

Along that line, Laura is serving black beans and rice with molho tomorrow night
at her Bible Study group's supper.
(The leader asked the members to bring something they grew up eating.)

You can click HERE for my VERY Easy Brazilian Feast menu - and recipe for the molho.
I will close with a picture of my Oregonian grandson, handsome Ransom...

He is three months old today!!!
Oh my, is he not precious?!!

Well this post has made me smile.
Maybe you've smiled some, too.
(But not as much as I have, of course.)

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