Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What is your word?

I read somewhere that one must have a word for the new year.

The word "FLOURISH" was suggested somewhere.

That is good, but that would mean I ought to do something, like flourish.
'Ought-to' is not part of my vocabulary at this moment.

I'm going to choose "BE" as my word.

That cuts me free from any kind of 'Ought-to'.

I mean in three days I turn the age where one is available for Medicare.
"BE" sounds good to me.

Along that line, here are some mugs I might order....

One day I was told I was 'perky'.
I resolved to be 'less perky' that day.

And here is a T-Shirt I might order.
When I saw that T-Shirt, my first thought was of my nephew Cap.
He HATED naps.
I'm thinking he doesn't hate them as much now.

In closing I will include a little comic strip that speaks, in my opinion...

I hope you're having a good Thursday.

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