Friday, February 10, 2017

FoMO? No, DoMO.

Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) causes lots of people to be on Facebook a lot, or checking all kinds of electronic devices all through the day. FoMO causes folks to feel they MUST check a text that dings while they're driving. They do NOT want to miss out on anything that is happening, not anything.

Maybe it's my age, or my temperament, but I am not so much into FoMO these days. I am more into DoMO. That is the Desire of Missing Out. (You can click HERE to read more about it.)
Yes, I (sometimes, not always) have a DESIRE OF MISSING OUT.

Yes. Don't count me in on everything going on.
Let me stay at home.
Let me not check my texts all the time. I certainly like to drive my car ignoring the 'dings' of a text coming through. Well, that is not all true. My curiosity is up when I know I've got a message on my phone. But I know it can wait. Curiosity CAN KILL SOME CATS CAR DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS.

And if an event is cancelled, well, sometimes that suits me just fine. It means TIME I wouldn't have had for just me, myself and I.

Oh, and this mug fits, too...

Now I'm not really a total introvert.
I REALLY like parties, and people.

Then I really like to go home.

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