Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fun folks, fun times, and famous folks...

Here is my daughter and my grandson...
They are clearly loving life... and soon I will get to hug them in Oregon.

 And here's my Texas granddaughter...
When I saw this I thought it was taken at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.
No, it was taken at Nell's preschool,
which is now ranked as the best preschool in Texas, in my opinion.

This next picture is of my great niece, Anna, who is also a Texan....
She is six years old and right on schedule with her two front teeth now with the tooth fairy.

Anna's sister Caroline and I went out that day to shop for Caroline's 10th birthday present.
Here we are afterwards. Caroline is wearing a beautiful headband she picked out that day.
I made this my Facebook profile pic this past week
and have been so complimented by my FB friends,
telling me we look alike.
Whoa. That's made me feel wonderful!

These next incredibly amazingly stupendously awesome pictures
were inspired by my friends Lydia and Bonnie at LoneStar Antiques...

Yes, I actually got the nerve up to ask a random customer to take my picture posing on this 'settee'. Lydia told me about it and how it matched my outfit. So I had to get a picture. Lydia and Bonnie suggested that I mention to you how I try to match my surroundings with my attire everyday. Ha!
Well, today my pajamas match my bed sheets!

I know. I must have outgrown my shy, inhibited self...
to be able to pose like this AND to show it to you!
(I'm doing it for Lydia and Bonnie.)
(Thanks, Lydia and Bonnie.)
(I look forward to taking your picture soon, with y'all both posing!)



Next up is a friend I've made in the tea room, who has a famous son-in-law.
Here is Jackie, with a picture of her daughter with our president (No, Trump isn't her son-in-law)...

Here's that picture up close...

Now no matter who you voted for for President, you should be interested to know that our Secretary of State's mother-in-law is my friend Jackie!!

And she has only wonderful things to say about her son-in-law, Rex Tillerson,
which says a lot coming from his mother-in-law!!

I was talking to another friend who said she knew a person who had worked for Tillerson for years and had nothing but good things to say about him. So now matter how you feel about anything about our President, you should feel pretty good about that.
You can click HERE to read about Tillerson on The title is "Tillerson Makes a Strong Start at State."

So I am a 'few degrees of separation' to our Secretary of State.
(You can read about "Six Degrees of Separation" by clicking HERE.)

That is Tillerson's dear wife Renda on the left, and I met her a few years ago with her mother in the tea room!


So this is my unashamedly glorious post about me crazily posing for the camera, and for letting you know that I know someone important.
Ah, but the first pictures on this post are the most important ones, with Laura, Ransom, Nell, Anna, and Caroline. They rank the highest in my regard.

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