Friday, February 24, 2017

These are a few (more) of my favorite things...

Here's Nell enjoying a site I love...
(I know: we could put it on the big TV screen, but this is kind of fun.)

Click HERE for it. It is the best video of children's songs that keep little three-year-old Nell interested. Oh my, it is great. (It is 74 minutes long. Hmm. Would that translate into 'babysitter'?)


Here's a shirt I've had for years...

Silly me. I had thought it was just of 3 frogs, until Nell told me that one was covering his ears, one his eyes and one his mouth...
Well, I didn't explain to Nell about 'hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil', but I thought about it.
And I realized that when you wear something you don't always 'see' it.
Thanks to Nell, now I do.


Lately Sam and I have discovered Little Caesar's Pizza.
They have delicious pepperoni pizza ... for $5.00.
I know it may not be the most healthy meal in the world. But it is delish!! And life is too short just to eat healthy.
(To me that's an okay statement.)


Here's a quote I found recently and am adding to my favorites (well, since I'm older now)..
“One of the consolations of old age is the intense pleasure I now get from nature. It seems that in youth I was too busy confronting life and experience to stand still and gaze.”
-- P. D. James, "Time to Be in Earnest"


Here's a picture of my grandson, Liam. He is a good 'napper'...
But looking at this picture makes me just want to wake him up so I could cuddle him.
You can click HERE for his mother's blog about him.
(I love that blog.)


A favorite place of mine has become Portland, Oregon. And I will be going there a week from tomorrow!  I will be seeing my four-month-old grandson, Ransom...
I can't wait to hug him and hold him and babysit him while his folks go on a date!

I really love going to Portland. It is refreshing to be with artsy people, the main one being my daughter.

Here is some of her 'work' ...

Here it is up close...
Isn't that amazing?

Here's another ...

And this...
And Laura gave me that beautiful swan plate on the left.
It's also one of my favorite things, as is the partial picture on the right,
with Bailey, Nell kissing Liam, her daddy Will looking on.

So I'm going to Portland ...

I'll only be there four days, but I will get my handsome-grandson-Ransom-fix... and I will enjoy the artistic touches around his house..

I need to get a frame for my thermostat!

I'll close with picture of the family I'm going to be with a week from tomorrow!
This picture was taken in December when they were getting ready to fly here for Christmas.
Now they need to take another picture - getting ready to fly here.
Here, Here!!

So those are some of my favorite things.

More will come later.

And just so you know, I work on my blog posts over several days,
usually sitting with Sam while he is watching the news.
(I can't stomach it sometimes.) 
Now I'll look for some trivia because Tuesday comes around every week!

Have a great weekend!!

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