Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When you should NEVER EVER multitask...

... is sometimes when you do.

You think you are invincible.

(I've been guilty of thinking I'm invincible.)

But you (and I) should never EVER multitask...when we are driving a vehicle, which is a huge possible death machine.

Yes, this is my annual 'sermon'.

And today's Star Telegram (Fort Worth's paper) has this article about it. Please read that article (if you haven't already).
We all think we are immune to disaster/tragedy.
We are not.
We are SO NOT.

Years ago my twin was handing her child a chicken McNugget and ran into the car in front of her, who was stopped at a stoplight in Katy, TX. Fortunately no one was hurt... except insurance prices.

I was texting my son an innocent text, when I was at Starbucks' drive-thru and ran into a lady's car in front of me. It just caused a 'nick' in her car, so I sent her a check.

Those were nothing compared to what can happen while driving.
And folks think they are invincible.

I know: this is my soapbox.

I was reminded of this, my soapbox-preaching recently, when I read about teens who were snap chatting and fell victim to that innocent act... by death.

Maneuvering a huge machine (a vehicle) requires attention. Not DIVIDED ATTENTION.

I am preaching to myself.
When I hear my phone ring, or my text ding, I am so tempted to find out what is going on.

But I am learning that life is short.

And I don't want to die in perfect health.
Or kill others who are in perfect health.

Please don't multitask in your vehicle.

That's my lecture for today.



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