Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Fun Day!

Yesterday we had a great day with my two great nieces and great nephew. They're really more than just great nieces and nephew. Their grandmother was (is) my identical twin. She never knew them, but then, maybe she does know them. Here they are with my hubby Krispy Kreme Donut Shop.
(from left: Sam, Anna, Caroline, and Andrew)

It's fun watching the donuts cooking.

Andrew really enjoyed watching the glaze go on those yummies.
We each got a free donut because the hot light was on!
(See that poster to Andrew's left.)

After the unhealthy breakfast we picked up granddaughter Nell and then drove through the Car Wash on Central and Don Dodson Rd in Bedford. I had told Caroline, Andrew and Anna to act excited about going through the car wash, as it might scare little three-year-old Nell.
Oh my. Those Huffman kids treated that car wash like it was a ride at Disney World. So Nell loved it, of course!! I mean, there were lots of loud gushes of water, then lots and lots of suds and bubbles, and then another gush of rinse water, then a drying machine whooshing air all over. And then the young man wiped the car all down, and we gave him a good tip. Nell was smiling all the while, which of course had me smiling.

Then we went home and Anna got right to work reading Nell a book.

And Caroline got to play the keyboard.  She is very good, by the way.

Here is Andrew explaining his Lego Jedi Interceptor to Nell...
He knows how to tell her about things.
Later in the day we watched two (yes, two) Star Wars movies and Andrew sat and explained them to Nell,
and she seemed to understand!
That was great on many levels.

Around 1:45 we went to Parr Park in Grapevine. I was amazed at how it was not crowded,
what with spring break going on. (It started getting crowded when we were leaving.) 

Parr Park has become one of my most favorite places in the world.

Anna was playing a fun game there with other children her age (6ish) - but my picture didn't turn out.

For dinner time we went to Cici's Pizza.
After we ate Sam did a magic trick for Caroline.
It was the first coin trick he'd ever learned and he taught Caroline how to do it.

Later in the evening the Huffman kids worked on making some birthday cards
for their dear dad, whose birthday is today!!!

Here's a picture of him and the family...
And yes, he is a city councilman for Southlake.
And I'm his proud aunt-in-law.

I will tell you later why Sam and I had the kids for 12 hours yesterday.
It's an exciting tale, but it is for another day way down the road.


Have a great weekend!!!

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