Thursday, March 2, 2017

Anna dances... and I am happy.

Little Anna is on her knees...
And oh my, I love her.
(I mean just look at her.)
(She is the third from left on her knees.
She is my (late) twin's youngest grandchild.)


This is a crazy world. Divisiveness is rampant.

The President sounded more presidential Tuesday night,
but the divisiveness in this country seems worse than ever.

But let us let the little Annas dance.

And let us watch the flowers grow.

And let us not forget the sweetness of the taste of a ripe plum...
There are some in the stores today.
I don't know where they're from... but they're there.
And they are YUM.


And life was fun yesterday.

I had little Nell and Liam from 8:30 till 2:30,
which I usually do on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Here's a recent picture of the three of us...
I don't know of two people I love more those two.
Well, I love lots of folks... a lot.
Oh, and I love Shiloh.
And he is doing better!!
We had thought his days were numbered, but now they have more numbers!

Me? I'm loving this March weather,
and I'm enjoying imperfection,
and being just me - growing older, and maybe wiser.
Everybody grows older - unless he/she doesn't.

My twin didn't. 
But I have learned so much from her mere 37 years. 

Well, so that is how my blog post goes -- we learn from old folks - and young.

And none of us is perfect - even Anna (in the top picture) with her two front teeth out.

Oh wait... we can be better (for sure cuter) without all our teeth.

Anna is my inspiration.

Here is her picture again...
She is reaching upward.

Would that we all would.

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Unknown said...

I so appreciate how much love you have in your heart. I adore out , my sweet friend. You are such an inspiration.

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