Sunday, March 12, 2017


could mean...

A) Lovable Kindhearted Magnificence
B) Lively Keen Maturity
C) Leader-type Knowledgeable Mindfulness
D) Laura Katherine Maxwell.

The answer: E) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

This past week Laura (LKM) (my daughter) put this old picture on FB...
She is with her Granddaddy Andy (my dear dad).

Here she is years later with her own little one, Ransom (named after the main character in C.S. Lewis' SPACE TRILOGY).
I think there is a definite resemblance - between her and her son!!)

Here she is last week enjoying a brunch in her 'hometown' of Portland, OR.  (I gladly took this picture at the wonderful eatery, TIN SHED GARDEN CAFE.)

I think I had the best breakfast/brunch I have ever had.
I had the "Good Dog." SUPER YUM.
It wasn't dog.
(But you can take your dog!)
(They have a dog menu (Fido Food and Doggie Dessert.)

So I saw this picture of Laura and me the day she was born...

And here I am with her son (and his dear dad in the background)...
I know: I look older.
But I am still much the same.
(Well, I would like to think that. I certainly feel that.)

Here is little Laura with her Aunt Peggy back in 1988 - a few months before Peggy's death.

Peggy kept telling me how precious little Laura was.
And she so was (is).
And Peggy so was (is).

Here is little Laura with her family back in the later 1980's...
Little Laura would put her little head on my shoulder all the time.
As you can imagine that is one of my favorite memories of all time...
and it happened all of her preschool years.
(I think it could still happen.)

I will close with pictures of her with two special men in her life...
She knew to be wary of her older brother, sweet Will.
One day he put potting soil all over her (from a nearby house plant), while I was on the phone.
So he got the dirt on her!

Here she is with her main man later...

And they got married...
And we could not have asked for a better son-in-law.

And now they have a son... and live in Oregon. 
And that has broadened all of our lives.

And I was up there this past week.
And I had superfun!!!

LKM, I thank God you came into our lives,
especially mine.

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