Thursday, March 9, 2017


Some of you so remember these. Well, "Remember Mission, TX when" will remember. If you were not so lucky to come from Mission,TX, you might remember these 'oldies' on your own- well, if you're an 'oldie'.
This lawnmower so makes me think of my Granddaddy Andy.

Every Sunday night after church we would have popcorn for supper...
from the stove for years.

I had a few dresses like this...

It will be interesting to see what is ThrowBack in 50 years.
I mean, all those things up there were so up-to-date at the time.
And I never thought I should wear jeans to school. (Ignorance IS bliss.)
In fact, I got my first pair of jeans when I was 20 years old.
(I've bought a few since then.)

I hope you are having a good Thursday.

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