Wednesday, April 12, 2017

28 years ago today

- my dear twin sister died.
She was my very best friend, my confidant, and my fashion guru, too.

I haven't cried for her in a while - though I think of her everyday... and often dream of her at night.

I have written many blog posts about her through the years - (you can click on "Peggy", or "TwinBook" labels on the right column, if you're interested).

Anyway, I wish everyone of you could have had a twin like Peggy Jean (I'm Nancy Jane - so you see, we did have twinsy names, but thankfully not the Faye and Maye kind of names).

Anyway, my thoughts are on Peggy today.

And my thoughts on her children, and her grandchildren.

Here are two of my favorite pictures...
That's us in the mid-1950's
(Don't we look comfy?)

And here Peggy is with her two kiddos in the mid-to-late 1980's...

Cap was turning 8 in that picture.
And Elizabeth was 6 1/2.
[That is one of my most favorite pictures of all time.]

Lord, thank you for letting me be Peggy's twin.
I have been so blessed.

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Pat R said...

Well, I have tears in my eyes. Peggy's death was such a loss to so many. Amazing how Elizabeth still looks so much the same.

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