Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

My Easter was slow and mellow.

Sam was sick with a major cold, and Will's family was having fun at Robin's, then Dennis'. (Or vice versa.)  Me, I met up with Mother at her place, and her dear friend Debbie who has been such a good friend and encourager to Mother for the last few years. The three of us ate a delicious meal at Parkwood in Bedford.


Via text we found out Laura and sweet Ransom were having a great Easter day.
Dear son-in-law Ryan took this picture.


And via Facebook we found out Elizabeth's kids were Easter-ready.


And, via Facebook I enjoyed seeing pictures of nephew Rob's kids....
(from left: Sawyer, Abel, and Delia.)
And my dear cousin-in-law Talina got to have Easter with her two beautiful granddaughters....
Corrine is on the left, and Ainsley is on the right.
I may have to hug them soon - somehow.

And of course I was thrilled to see my son and his family celebrating Easter....
Is that not a beautiful family?
(no brag, just fact)


Oh, and Sam's brother Steve and gorgeous Lorie celebrated with their son, Mac!!

Everybody is growing.

Well, that is a good thing.

I hope YOU had a wonderful Easter!!!

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