Sunday, April 9, 2017

Walking... and then Starfish Dashing!

Starfish Dashing?!
What on earth?!

First, here's a picture I love...
That's "Daddy-Pap" on the left, Liam in the middle, and Nell on the right.
Liam is learning to walk.
He can actually walk by himself if he has someone to 'catch him' when his steps are over.
He for sure can stand a while by himself.

Liam is a year and a half old. When he was almost one he was found to have a deletion of his 18th chromosome. Hmm. It's very rare, and it means he is developing much slower than other children his age.
And his eyes have been affected. This June he will have his third eye surgery of the muscles around his eyes so he can see straight.
His talking, and crawling, and clapping, have been affected. 

But he is making progress.
Here he is with his cousin Anna (Peggy's granddaughter) .
And that's Nell looking on.
Nell and Anna could be sisters... well, their grandmothers are twins.

This post here is mainly to tell you of something special happening in San Antonio the end of this month.  It's all about a Starfish Dash - which is a Run/Walk for Chromosome 18. Yes, a RUN/WALK! (Which means you (I) don't have to run -you can walk!!) Click HERE to find out about it - and to be able to donate to the research behind it.

Liam's mom, Bailey Jo, has a wonderful blog called "Living and Loving with 18p-". She has written inspiring posts.  And they are real and very honest.
I love that blog.

I love that family.
Here they are at Christmas time...

And here I am with Liam and Nell...
Life doesn't get better than that.

Soon I'll tell you all about Ransom William, Nell and Liam's Oregonian cousin.
He's growing up, too!

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