Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A funny thing happened on the way to the tea room.

I like the title of my blog post today.
The title of this movie (and book and play) inspired me...
 I have, in fact, wanted to use that title for a while.

Actually, though, not many funny things happen on the way to the places I go.
But I did find something that might work for today's post.
So here goes...

Recently I went to the Exxon on 157 and CheekSparger for gas and something to drink,
and I saw this...
It struck me as weird-funny, so maybe blog-worthy.
(I guess there is kind of an art about putting the bear with the skeleton...
or it could be cause and effect.)


On another trip to the tea room I saw this on the side of a big truck.
Well, that is definitely not funny,
BUT I had to take its picture, as Ransom is the name of my grandson.

Here is a recent picture of him hiking with his mother...
I just love that picture!

Another thing along my post title line is this picture (though it's not funny either)...
Yes, that's Elvis.
He is at the corner of Davis and Mid-Cities in North Richland HIlls, TX.
I took that picture while stopped at the red light.

What makes that picture kind of funny is how it's related
to what a little girl told her mother
in the LoneStar Antique Mall tea room recently.
She told her mother -who then told me -
that I played the piano a whole lot better than Elvis played the piano.

Better than Elvis?

I'll take that.
So you see I've had to really work at getting something that might fit my title for this blog post.
Usually it's the titles that have me stumped, not the actual posts.
But I was determined.

So I finally used the title, however weak the material might be.

If I find something funnier on the way I'll use the title again.
I like good blog post titles.
In closing I'll show you some cartoons about blogging that I like.

So I'm still blogging.
There are many ex-bloggers out there who have moved on...
but I still like blogging, so I'm still doing it.

That's my hodgepodge post for today.
Have a great rest-of-the-week!

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