Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Family fun...

I like fun, especially with family!

Here's some of our family fun....
That's my niece and nephew, Elizabeth and Cap.
They were at the ballpark in Colleyville a week ago Tuesday,
watching Elizabeth's son play baseball.

Andrew is a natural baseball player.

Here is his mother with his Uncle Cap when they were young.
If you go back to the top picture, you'll see they haven't changed all that much!

But now their lives are changing!
That's Cap with his fiancee, Elizabeth.
They're getting married June 24!!
(I know: everybody I know is beautiful or handsome.)

And yes, Cap's bride, and his sister are both named Elizabeth!

Cap's sister Elizabeth is having her life changed somewhat, too. (No, she's not pregnant.)
That is a picture being taken by a television crew...
for which that family is working on a 'show'.
(I'll fill you in on that later.)
Here are some more gorgeous family members....
That's my son Will with Bailey and their kids Nell and Liam.
They went to Galveston for Memorial weekend,
and got this great picture.
Will's sister (my daughter) is married to Ryan and here he is with his son, Ransom, my third grandchild....
It feels hot now in Texas, and clearly they don't live in Texas...
but Oregon!!!
Here's Laura with Ransom, on a hike.
But the best two pictures on this post are these....
That's the matriarch of the family, with two of her great grandchildren.

And this next picture is one of my most favorite in the world...
Those are two happy people, my mother, and my grandson Liam.
They like to be together!!!

That's my photo album for today.
I sure liked it!

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