Friday, May 5, 2017

Flashback Friday ...

I'm flash-backing way back today - a hundred years back... to my dear Grandmother Jennie when she was sixteen years old!!!...

The caption says "Mother of Andrew M. White" but that should say "Andrew N. White" (who is my dad).

Wasn't my Grandmother beautiful?!? (I think she would rival Julia Roberts who is the first picture of my most previous post.)

She's my Grandmother Jennie Stevens White, my father's mother.
She married my Granddaddy Nuel Andrew White Sr. when she was just sixteen years old.
She was precious, all 4 ft. 9 in. of her. Her husband, my wonderful Granddaddy Andy, rebuilt her kitchen so it could be at her level. Being in her kitchen was like being in a kind of doll house.

The most important thing I know of her is that she prayed for me EVERYDAY since I was born.

I so believe that has a made a difference in me EVERYDAY.

Here is my Granddaddy Andy, her husband, with his parents and brothers and sisters...
Granddaddy Andy is the second from the right in the back row

 These pictures were taken from this book...

  In this book is this picture of my Great Grandfather, Will White, with his brothers in Colfax, TX...

So where  - and what - is Colfax, TX?
You can click HERE for its Wikipedia entry.
To me, it is a wonderful place. You can find out more about my reasons for thinking it is wonderful if you go to "Labels" on the right-hand side of this blog and click "Colfax".

I'm writing about this right now because the Will White Family is coming up on its 100th anniversary reunion July 4th!
Yes, I said, 'its 100th anniversary',
If you are at all a member of this family, mark your calendar for July 4th - and attend this reunion (and bring delicious food to share.)

Here is a picture of Andrew White, Sr.'s group - at the reunion...
This was taken in the summer of 1977.
Grandmother Jennie is standing right in front of me.(I'm in the middle.)
I'd tell you who those other folks are, but I need to get this post done soon.
Oh, and this was two months before I met my Sam the man.

 I have more to say, and show... but I wanted to get this post published.

I'll tag some of you folks on Facebook, so you'll see this and MARK YOUR CALENDAR
for THIS JULY 4TH!!!
(And I'll put it on the FB page for the reunion.)

If you'd like you can click HERE for the blog post from last year's reunion.

I'm already anticipating this reunion...
and may diet before - so as I can do my usual: overeating.

I better hit 'publish'.

And you better mark your calendar if you know you should!!


Unknown said...

Your Grandmother Jennie makes me think of Laura�� Especially her eyes!

Nancy said...

I can kind of see it, Vicki!! That is a compliment to both Laura AND Grandmother Jennie!!
(By the way, we need to get together sometime soon. I miss you!!)


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