Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mothers are Marvelous...

Well, not all mothers are marvelous, but the ones I know are. They so are.

Here are a few marvelous mothers I know...
That's my Mother-Margaret, with my twin Peggy and me.
Mother taught us how to be good women/mothers.
Thank you, Mother.

Here's Peggy's daughter, who is a marvelous mother...
That's Elizabeth with Caroline, Andrew and Anna.

And here's Elizabeth with her mother Peggy years ago...

And here's Peggy with Elizabeth's older brother Cap...

Peggy was a wonderful mother.
Sadly she died when Elizabeth was barely seven and Cap was eight and a half.

God is good.
He brought into their lives another wonderful mother, wonderful Robin.
Here she is with her grandchildren, and Elizabeth's dad, Emory, their granddad!!
They're all beautiful, aren't they?

Another marvelous mom in my life is my daughter-in-law (daughter-in-love)...
Bailey Jo is a wonderful mother to two of my grandchildren!
We are so blessed.

And my daughter is a wonderful mother to our other grandchild...
That's Laura with Ransom.
Laura is a natural - as a wonderful mom.

Oh my.
My heart is full.

 Oh, and there's yours truly!

I must have been (am) a marvelous mom because look who are my children!
That's Will, me, Laura.

Yes, my heart is full on this eve of Mother's Day.


I hope it's a good day for YOU!!!

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