Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thoughts on hair double standards; fidget spinners; and salt...

I'm into random topics today.

Have you noticed how young women look good with their colored hair growing out, while their roots look 'good'?
And older women do NOT look good with their colored hair growing out, while their roots look 'bad'?

Here are pictures to prove my point...

Of course if this last picture had a sexy post, it might look more alluring... or not.

I know these are not earth-shattering topics, but well, sometimes I just like to go to where I haven't heard other folks go to - and I think MUST be gone to.
It is a double standard, in my opinion!!

Do I want to go to the expense - of the expense of hair color, and the time that it takes? - OR do I just want to go natural - for simplicity's sake?
I've decided on the latter... for now anyway.

I know: gray hair makes me look older... but I have decided it's worth the NO-FUSS of it!!


On a different note, I was introduced to fidget spinners by my nephew Mac.

It seems like a great idea.

A teacher-friend told me that now students use them while reading in class. They spin the fidgets underneath the desk while reading whatever they're required to read.
That seemed kind of ridiculous until I thought about my cuticle picking, and nail biting.
Maybe we would have been spared from those habits had we had fidget spinners?


On a different note, have you heard about the effects of salt lately?

It's supposed to NOT be villainous on one's diet after all!
I was relieved to read that. I like my food to be super-flavorful, and salt enhances everything!!
Click HERE for an article on that.

That makes me think of a soon-to-be-posted blog post: loving eating but not cooking. (Stay-tuned!)


I have found several topics lately that require blog posts... or at least MIGHT REQUIRE blog posts.

(I am trying to be OPEN.)

Stay with me.

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