Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Whimsy

... from LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Hwy, Haltom City, TX) ...


Those are the treasures for today.

I like them.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

John Wayne’s enduring nickname, “Duke,” came from his childhood Airedale dog of the same name.
(That's probably not his childhood dog.)

The White Sands National Park in New Mexico is the largest desert with the fine white sand, made of a mineral called gypsum.

The giant squid has the largest eyes in the world.


The Italians invented the viol, violin, cello and piano, and were the greatest representative of Baroque music (Vivaldi, Corelli, Monteverdi, Albinoni, etc.)


On a clear night, the human eye can see between 2,000 and 3,000 stars in the sky.


Ohio is the only state not to have a rectangular flag. It's a pennant.


The smallest bones in the human body are in the ear.
Well, that should not be surprising.

Nicholas Breakspear wasn't a relative of William Shakespeare, but he did have his own claim to fame: He was the first Englishman to become Pope.

Click HERE to read about Pope Adrian IV.


My final bit of trivia today is...

I couldn't find a 'real' picture.
I tried.


So now we know this stuff.

Have a great week.
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Question: Band-Aid was an 80s supergroup to help poor countries. Name five artists in Band-Aid

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Question: Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Orson Wells, Paul Muni, and Melvyn Douglas have all portrayed which attorney on the movie screen?

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Question: Absolute zero registers at how many degrees Celsius?

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Question: The lyrics of which 1965 folk-rock hit came from the Book of Ecclesiastes and who recording it?

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Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Orson Wells, Paul Muni, and Melvyn Douglas have all portrayed which attorney on the movie screen?

Monday, June 26, 2017

A picture IS worth a lot of words.

You may not remember, but I promised in a previous post that I'd tell about this picture.
So now I will.
(I'm mainly doing this for me, to have a record for myself... as if I'd forget!)

There are three things of interest (to me) with this picture...

1. Notice the length of the candle.
It is so short because our wedding started 45 minutes late and the candle had been lit 5 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start.
What happened: the flower girl, our little niece Jennifer, didn't show up with her parents for the wedding. There were no cell phones back then, so we were at a loss as to where Jennifer and her parents were. You can imagine the fear that my in-laws were experiencing. We sent out some people in a car to go look for our flower girl. They found Jennifer's car broken down. THEN that car that went to get Jennifer and Ken and Pat ALSO broke down. We didn't know any of that until the reception (at my parents' house), where somehow Jennifer and her parents managed to go (in some car that worked) thinking we had already been doing the wedding.
We went ahead with the wedding at my insistence, though we were all nervous about it.
So we got together at the reception. Whew! Everybody was thrilled to see little Jennifer (and her parents).

2. Notice the dress I'm wearing. I thought it was beautiful and I didn't spend a dime on it! It was my twin's dress from her wedding the year before. Why not wear it, I thought!
I did have the veil redone, just so I would have my own look. It cost just $10 to get that veiled redone. 
(I've always liked saving money.)

3. Finally, when I took that picture to be framed three months after the wedding, the lady at the picture frame place asked me if that was my daughter.  !!!  Really. That is what she asked me!!!
When I told her it was me, she said, "Oh dear. Of course. I didn't look at it well."
Yeah, right.
So I tell people that evidently marriage can age some people really fast.

I know some of my blog readers will remember that wedding, because they (you) were there - waiting and waiting.
I (crazily) wanted to have the wedding to start at 8 pm - so it would be dark enough outside that the candles would be pretty.
Well, that meant that the wedding didn't actually start until 8:45 (because of that #1 explanation).
Well, I should have been more mindful of our guests - even if the wedding started on time. Our wedding was in Colfax, TX, where no one lived that attended the wedding (except my folks). People had to come from all over... and most had to drive home that night. (Colfax is 2 hours from Fort Worth - and farther (further) from other places, of course.)

If I had to do it again, I would still wear that dress, but I would have the wedding in the afternoon.
And I would have had a car mechanic make sure all the cars were in tiptop shape. (Hindsight, you know.)

There you have it.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

These are a few of my favorite things ...

Mother had this 'edible arrangement' delivered to us last weekend
to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary and Father's Day.
Not only was it beautiful, but it was DELICIOUS!!
(The canteloupe was the yummiest I've had.)
Thank you, Mother!

This is three and a half year-old Nell.
She has just counted (really fast) to 40!
We are proud of her!

And this is my daughter's art in our hallway. (Well, except for the round mirror.)

Here you get a perspective.
Laura's artwork is amazing.
You can get it at Laura's Society Six.

Here is Will's gift to us several years ago...

He got that in the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma several years ago.
It is painted on a mirror, which you can see at the top.

We have it in our master bedroom, which means it gives us some peaceful feelings all the time!
Peaceful feelings don't need an exclamation point, but somehow they do for me. (!)

Here is a great quote that I count as one of my favorite quotes...
"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." - C.S. Lewis

And here is another quote I REALLY LIKE....

The reason we grandparents get along so well with our grandchildren is we have so much in common. The kids are enjoying their first childhood, and we're enjoying our second.
(I wish I knew who said this. Well, I'll say that.)


Here's a poster I like....

(When I moved to Hinton, OK in 1983 I was amazed at how folks waved at me.
This 'poster' explained it to me.)

In conclusion, I will close with two funnies. (I ALWAYS LIKE FUNNIES.)

Fric: I was going to dance down a spiral staircase for your birthday, but I decided not to.
Frac: Why not?
Fric: Because I am a Fred Astaires.


Those are some of my favorite things for now.

I'm working on more.
(I like working on more.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Whimsy

- Here are some treasures from LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX) -

Those are they!

I like some pictures more than others.

Which do YOU like more?

Trivia Tuesday

The word “infant” is from the Latin for “unable to speak".
 Ah, but that little baby speaks volumes, don't you think? 😊 ---------...