Friday, July 28, 2017

Don't hate me because I'm not perspiring.

Envy and jealousy may abound from some of you folks, where the temperature is too hot these days, as in TEXAS!!
You can get over it, work through it, and/or go to your 'happy place''.

Me, I'm the recipient of that envy, because I am in my 'happy place' for real!

I am cool and collected.

 My son-in-law's mother and I (my daughter's mother) are in Portland to see our grandson, - and our children, of course, and to enjoy the weather here, which is SUPER DELUXE!!

Here are some random Ransom photos of our time here so far.

We went for a walk this morning - and it was 66 degrees!

We were happy!

I had to take this picture, because of that big mimosa tree.
My grandparents had small mimosa trees in Oak Cliff in Dallas when I was growing up.
Every time I see a mimosa tree I think of them.
Great memories, by the way.

Here's a nearby neighbor's yard I liked seeing.

Of course I have to show some Portland yum...
That's a Blanca pizza slice from The ROMAN CANDLE.
How about those scissors?!

That's all for now. We'll be here three more days, so I'll be posting more photos.

I mainly do this blog for myself, but if you enjoy it, well, that makes me happy.

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