Sunday, July 16, 2017

Favorite Fun...

I was in the newly remodeled TARGET in Euless a while back, when they were still in remodeling mode. They had lots of things on sale, including this...
 I had told myself that if I ever came across a stuffed Toucan bird I would buy it.
So I did. It was 50% off.
After I got home I began questioning whether it was a Toucan.
What do you think? 
Here is a Toucan picture my mother painted years ago...
(Yes, my mother DID paint that!)
So do you think the stuffed bird is a Toucan?


Different note:
A sweet little girl comes into the tea room often and yesterday she came in wearing this great shirt!
Isn't that great?!
I purposefully didn't put her face on here, since there are some weirdos out there.
I would tell you her first name, but I'm too embarrassed to ask it.
(I should so know it.)
She gives me a big hug every time she comes in!
She likes me to play "Let It Go" from FROZEN
and her grandmother always wants me to play "Over the Rainbow".
I love to oblige.

I was checking out at Walmart Neighborhood Market in Bedford recently
and found these M&Ms...
Notice the flavors!!!
I showed great self restraint by not buying one of each.

Dear niece Elizabeth has some chickens.
Look what she got one morning recently from her Lady Bird!!!
I was wowed by that!


I recently came across this little note card that I need to read every now and then...

Here is the organ that sits in the tea room. It's really just ornamental, I think.


Here's something that makes me laugh.

Nell and I had fun with Photo Booth not long ago...
I thought we did pretty well looking like we were from outer space!

Finally I'll leave you with this mug I like...


I wanted to blog something this lazy Sunday afternoon... and I did!

I hope you have a great week.

And tell me in a comment on FB or here, if you think that is a Toucan at the top, or a Dodo bird. 


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