Sunday, July 30, 2017

I love this place.

My last blog post (about being here in Oregon with this wonderful weather) had a kind of weird title. Well, it was not very lady-like, for sure. At least I should have said 'glistening' instead of 'perspiring'.

Anyway, I have some more pics that I love. They were taken yesterday and the day before.

Here we go...
Ransom's two grandmothers (Vicki and I) babysat Ransom as Laura and Ryan went to see a movie.
We fed him, read to him, and played with him outside. It was fun!

 Afterwards we went for a walk with Ransom's parents...

We saw some gorgeous hanging flowers ...

And saw lots of these great signs in yards...

Then we went to a local grocery store, Food Front Cooperative Grocery, that has an eating section that features local artists.

Look who they are featuring this month!
That's Laura, as in OUR LAURA!!

Here she is with one of her artworks...

Here is another...

We got some groceries there and then came home and Vicki cooked us a good supper.
We ate outside, with one of Laura, Ryan and Ransom's neighbors, a medical doctor named Celia.
(My camera was inside, unfortunately.)


The next day we went to the coast, Oceanside Beach.

It was beautiful.
It was a great time.

Here is Ransom on the way home.
That picture just makes me relax.

I am so enjoying my visit here in Oregon.

We go to Bridgetown Church tonight, which is an inspiring place to be.

Tomorrow afternoon Vicki and I head home.

I don't know how this could be a more super visit.
Oh yes.

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