Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tea Room Yum-Fun...

I have a great gig. I get to pay oldies on a grand piano at the Simpliciteas Tea Room in LONESTAR ANTIQUES (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX) ... and I get to eat some GREAT FOOD...
That is the SAMPLER.
It is super delicious.

I've had great friends eat in the tea room lately...
That is Janet and me.
Janet and I were in CATCH THE SON, a wonderful Christian band at Baylor decades ago!
We have great memories together.
She is so dear,
a lifelong friend and sister-in-Christ.

I love you, Janet !!!


These next folks are friends of my mother AND me!!
In the middle is Jeannine Swain, who is the grandmother of Morgan -
whom I knew at Bear Valley Church.
On the left is her uncle Aaron.
My mother had met Jeannine years ago -
and lo and behold I knew her son Rick and daughter-in-law Jo Ann,
and their absolutely beautiful (inside and out) daughter, Morgan.
On that day, those three were celebrating Morgan's birthday!
I found out they loved all Frank Sinatra songs - and so I obliged.
It was FUN!


Here are some friends I've made in the tea room.
I took this picture the Saturday before July 4th, so they were decked out patriotically.
They have told me they listen to my Christmas CD two times EVERYDAY year round!
They make me feel super (of course).

This next picture is of some of my mother's friends from Parkwood Retirement Center.
They come in every now and then and I love it!!

They told me they enjoyed their delicious meal,
and enjoyed me playing so many 'oldies'.
I was so glad to oblige!!


I will (almost) close by showing you where my piano is now.

I really like that location!
That's Claudia on the left at the register.
She is a super manager of the tea room, and suggested that new piano location.
Thanks, Claudia!!

I will leave you with my oldest sheet music.
It's certainly not the oldest song I play (by a long shot),
but it is the oldest 'sheet music' that I own and play.
(Well, except for "San Antonio Rose" my dad got for us.)
Peggy (my twin) and I used to sing this John Denver song
the first year we were in CATCH THE SON at Baylor.
These are the same pages we used in 1970.
On the front it has "Property of Nancy and Peggy White".
So I treasure it.


Well, I could write more, but I'm not into too-long blog posts. That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

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