Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vicki and I share a special bond!

Well, for one thing, we like to have FUN.

For another thing, our kids are married to each other!
That was the day of Laura and Ryan's wedding (June, 2010).
(I loved that day, because I loved that Laura was marrying Vicki's dear Ryan.)

Last Christmas (2016) we got to hold our grandson, handsome Ransom...
That's not my favorite picture of me, but oh well.

And so today, as in later TODAY, we are traveling TOGETHER to Portland, OR to see our mutual grandson!!

Two grandmothers/ two mothers/ two mothers-in-law... together.  I don't know how many ladies could do that amiably... but I KNOW WE CAN!!!

In other news, Ryan's sister (Vicki's daughter) is going to Prague...
Victoria is the gorgeous one on the right.

You can read about her trip - and how you can help her financially and by prayer - by clicking HERE.


So all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
I'm leaving on a jet plane...
and will get out of this Texas heat!!!


And we'll try not to spoil Ransom in the next few days.
Oh wait. Grandmothers are SUPPOSED to spoil their grandchildren.
Then we give them back to their parents.

I like this phase of life.

Oh, here are 3 pictures I got last night...

I can't wait to cuddle!!!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Nancy! I am so excited to share this special adventure with you!


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