Saturday, August 5, 2017

Eating, Not Cooking

A while back I heard a NFL football player being interviewed. He was asked what were his hobbies. His first one? Eating! "I just love to eat," he said.
So 'eating' can be listed as a hobby! Put me down as putting 'eating' down on my hobby list.

Along that line I recently found an 'interest' I like on various bloggers' profiles.
Some interests (like mine) include Mexican food, solitude, the Bible, creativity (You can see more of mine if you like by clicking HERE.

Folks have all of kinds of interests - like humor, George Clooney, military history, pumpkin patches; you name it, it can be an interest (well, of course).

Recently I was killing time and looking at various profiles and I came across 'eating - not cooking'.
There were several folks who listed that as one of their interests: eating - not cooking!!
I resonated with them!!
(You can click HERE to see those profiles on just 'not cooking'.)

Many of you may love to cook.

Well, I like to cook some - when I have time - and if the recipe is easy-schmeazy.
But I REALLY like to eat.

And that makes me think of an article I read recently about having people over for a meal. It seems that lots of us like being with people and eating a meal together. Good conversation comes from eating together.
What can be daunting is the meal prep, and expense, and just the energy it takes to decide what to serve, where to get the ingredients, etc., etc.
Well, this article had a suggestion with which I resonated: Don't cook anything: Invite your friends to bring their own food that they will eat and you can get your food for your family... and everybody's happy (except those folks who wanted a home cooked meal and certainly didn't want to bring anything).

You can bring fast food, or just something you've made at home. Our 10 year old niece Caroline said, "Someone could bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and another person could bring lobster bisque! Fun!" 

And that IS fun!

So that's what we've done lately.

I don't set the table. I don't do anything. I just anticipate my family coming over and visiting them - with their own food!!

I know: ideally I would have scrumptious homemade food for my loved ones. Ah, but then I would procrastinate and have them over 'someday'. If I want to visit with them SOON I would say 'Bring your own food!!!" I have water to drink... and lots of love to share!!


Well, I like that plan!!

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