Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I have wonderful news!!

I have a new niece and a new great nephew!!

Well, it's not brand new news.
It happened in late June... but I saw some more pictures about it this week on Facebook... and well, I knew I had to tell you!

That is my nephew Cap (my twin's son) with his bride Elizabeth and his (step)son, Jackson!!!

Are they not a beautiful family?!?

And now they are all part of mine!!

They got married in Marfa, TX!
(They live in Midland.)

Unfortunately Mother, Sam and I were unable to go,
but boy have we been enjoying the FB pics!

Here's Jackson escorting his gorgeous mom to the altar at the wedding...

And here he is with his new stepdad...
I can't imagine a better dad than Cap!
I think this is a picture of both of their families combined.
(You can click it to make it bigger.)
Wow. Everybody in that picture is beautiful or handsome. Wow.

And so are the folks in this next picture. But of course: they were all in the above picture.
These folks are Cap's family...
If looks like Cap made room for a photo-shopped picture of me right behind his right shoulder.
Thanks, Cap!
By the way, I know almost everybody in that picture.
Some I haven't seen in a while... and my are they all looking good.

Here's Cap and Elizabeth with his immediate family...
From left, Emory (Cap's dad), Cap, Elizabeth (Cap's wife), Caetyn (Cap's littlest sister), Robin (Cap's mom), Elizabeth (Cap's little sister), John (Elizabeth's husband)
(And yes, Cap's wife has the same name as his sister!)

Here are Cap's folks dancing...
Isn't that so sweet?

Here are more pictures of the celebration...

(I love that picture.)
(Cap is so happy.)

Elizabeth, I'm so glad you married Cap.

You and Jackson are in our family now!!

I am your Aunt Nancy!

And we are a wonderful family, if I do say so!!

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