Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's a wonderful dog's life.

This is the blog post about Olive and Akon, and Major and Teddy, and Shiloh and even Marco, dearly beloved Marco.

We'll start with Olive.

Here she is years ago.
She was Will and Bailey's little girl, at first.
They got her at the Bedford Animal Shelter

Then she moved in with Laura and Ryan in Dallas,
when Will and Bailey moved to Scotland for a year of graduate school in Glasgow.

Olive and Laura developed a bond.

Then they moved to Oregon... and would like to take her to the Oregon coast.
Here she is with Ryan and Laura and her 'brother' Akon.
Then Laura and Ryan started a family, and Olive, who was sweet-sweet-sweet,
couldn't quite get the attention she needed.

Ah, but there was a wonderful answer to Olive's need for love and affection!
A new neighbor moved next door to Laura and her family a while back.
Dr. Celia fell in love with Olive.
Dr. Celia mentioned how much she adored that sweet dog,
and would love to have a dog like her.
It was perfect. Energetic, loving Olive needed energy and loving.
And Dr. Celia could so give them to her.
So July 30, they had an adoption ceremony...
Notice how Olive is looking lovingly up at her new 'mother'.

In other doggie news, my dear niece and her family have a new family member.

He's Major League Huffman.

Major has a big brother, Teddy Roosevelt, who is in this family picture, taken in 2014...
Maybe it's the tie that is making him serious-looking.
And Teddy is serious about Christmas, too.
He's not serious in person, just for the camera.

And finally we come to our dear Shiloh-pup.
He is definitely no longer a pup, but he will be to me, always.

We're thinking he is about 95 years old in dog years.
That would explain his hearing loss (which is not complete, thank goodness)
and his arthritis in his legs.
He takes arthritis and pain medicine, and thyroid medicine,
like some of the rest of us.

Oh my, he has been such a joy.


Well, I can't write a blog post about dogs without including beloved Marco.
We got him at the same place we got Shiloh - the North Richland Hills Animal Shelter.
He was perfect for our kids.
He was perfect period.
Well, his black hair would be everywhere,

but that was a small price to pay for his preciousness.

We had Marco for about 14 years, then he succumbed to cancer.
Many of my blog-readers remember him.
He would want you, and me and everyone to pet him as long as we could.
And we did.


I am clearly a dog lover.
 Well, we always had a dog when I was growing up.

We had Sandy, then Princess, then Sheila.

Sweet memories they still bring.
That's all for today.

Have a good weekend!

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