Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What to do with a President who is not 'Presidential'???

(I had an ugly picture up, but changed it.)

My husband has often said to me that he will NOT defend Trump.
He cannot.

Neither can I.
I wouldn't know where to begin, if I were to try.

I do believe that a lot of leftist liberals are trying to make this into a wonderful world.
It cannot happen.
Would that it could.
Oh yes, would that it could. 

And would that we would all obliterate all racist anything and everything, if it would make us all one.

Would it?

I am so thinking there are folks that don't want us to be 'all one'.

Oh, and there are folks who want us - Americans - any and all of us (no matter our race or creed)-  to be obliterated from the face of the earth.
We should open our borders to them?

Yes, I am for immigrants!
I love all people. (I think I am writing truth when I type that.)
I want everyone to have a better life if he/she can.
But I am aware that not everyone who says he/she wants to be an American wants to be an American.

Would that all borders be completely open.
Would that all folk be completely honest.
Would that we all would get along.

Where would terrorists fit in that? (They are not planning for my, or my grandchildren's safety/future.)

I think we need to be realistic.

A world without terrorism, racism, bigotry, greed, hatred, etc., etc. would be a wonderful world.
We do not live in that world, sadly.
Would that we did.


As for me, I will seek to love every neighbor, no matter their religion, race, creed, etc.
Would that we would all seek to do that.
I think that IS the answer.
But I do know that even me, myself, and I am self-serving sometimes, and want the best for my best.  

I am just praying we would seek GOD. ... and not our will,
and His truth, and not just what I believe is mine.

Trump is a business man from Queens. Not Presidential, and certainly not perfect. 

But he is our president, whether we like it or not.

He needs our prayers.... for wisdom, character, etc., etc., ETC, ETC.


That's my sermon for today.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Nancy! I really appreciate your wisdom and your heart! I will keep praying and trusting God not men. The Lord is our hope and strength. I am glad I can always count on that!

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