Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wow! Lonestar Flip was WONDERFUL !!!

Sam and I attended a special watch party of H.G.T.V.'s LONESTAR FLIP at Starpower in Southlake.

I don't know which pictures to put up first, so I'll start with the first that were taken by my camera (iPhone).

That's John, me, Elizabeth, and Sam.
John and Elizabeth are the stars of LONESTAR FLIP.
(I let everyone know who would listen that I was (am) Elizabeth's aunt.)

Here are John and Elizabeth with John's two brothers and their families...
Naturally they'd all be beautiful.

Here are some random pics of the crowd watching the show...

At the end of the party John and Elizabeth recognized the people who helped them. To the right of Elizabeth is Rick Baker and his wife who are the main folks who've partnered with John and Elizabeth to renovate homes.
(They also thanked ME for babysitting! (I had to bow.)

Here is a picture taken near the end of the party...
My mother knows Rick Baker AND his mother, who is at the far right.
Rick and his parents were members of First Baptist Church, Canton, TX
and knew my parents very well there.
So we had kind of a reunion!

Here are Sam and I with Shirley Baker before the party started...

This party was held at a wonderful place, STARPOWER in Southlake.
Here's a picture of it I found online...

There were several big TVs that showed the show throughout the store.
And there was wonderful food, from restaurants in Grapevine and Southlake.

My heart is full (well, besides my stomach).

I am so proud of Elizabeth and her family. 

And I want to thank all of you who watched it!!!!

If it shows again, I'll let you know - of course!!!

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