Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Maxwells came... and then we had an 'OH DEAR' moment!

Ryan, Laura (our daughter) and Ransom (our grandson) came and we did what we had to do.
We went to Joe T. Garcia's!
That's us after we ate the deliciousness.

Here's Ryan's brother Zach holding his nephew, Ransom.
They're both handsome, huh?

Here's Ransom with Elizabeth (and her kids) at Central Market. Ransom doesn't come to just anybody, but oh he did to Elizabeth! It was a sweet time.

After a Central Market lunch, we went over to see Ransom's great grandmother...
He really enjoyed playing with her fun toys!
(I think I must have been talking in the picture.
Well, of course. I demand attention, too!)

Here are my three grandchildren with their dads. (Uncle Will is enjoying his nephew Ransom William!)
I love that picture.

Here is Ransom out on our front sidewalk ....
That makes me smile.

Soon Laura and I wanted our picture taken together.
Little did we know...
Sam and Ryan's dad Jerry were talking about irrigation systems. Jerry is into landscape design and irrigation systems so Sam wanted to show Jerry his new system that he (Sam) can operate on his iPhone.
Vicki was set to take our picture, so Laura and I posed..
Little did I know what Sam was doing and
that I was sitting on top of a sprinkler head when he was doing it.

So that (above) was the photo that captured the experience!

After settling down, Laura and I posed for this...
What that doesn't show is that the underside of my jeans are soaked!

 So we had a good laugh.

And now we have some wonderful memories of Ryan, Laura and Ransom's visit.
Now they are back at their home in Portland, Oregon.

I'll close with a picture Ryan took on their descent into Portland.
It's Mount Hood.
Wow. Isn't that amazing?

I'll have to fly up there again and see that for myself, again.
Oh yes.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

ThrowBackThursday and LONE STAR FLIP

For today here's a picture of my family at my parents' 25th anniversary celebration in 1973.
I love that picture.
Peggy and I were blessed to have wonderful parents.

I would often marvel that some folks could not tell us apart. I mean I knew we looked alike, but not THAT much alike.

But then there was our third grade school picture.
We got the envelopes that had several sizes of our smiling faces.

We knew something was amiss when my big envelope of pictures had me wearing a red dress, when I knew I was wearing a brown dress. Peggy and I had the same style dress only different colors. (She usually picked out our clothes because I hated to shop, and so she would pick out the color she liked for herself and I would get the other color. That was fine by me.)

Notice this picture.

It is supposedly me.

So we both got school pictures of Peggy that year. Ha!!

And speaking of Peggy: her dear daughter Elizabeth is having her HGTV pilot show repeated tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 29 at noon Central Time).
I know. I've told you about this a lot, but I'm telling you again. Even if you've watched it, you can watch it again (or record it). (The network is very interested in how many folks watch it.)
I'll tag some of you who I know missed it the last time, okay?

You can click HERE to read what the Aggie magazine THE EAGLE has to say about Elizabeth and John. It makes me very proud.

Here's a picture of their family.

I think Elizabeth looks a lot like her mother, don't you!
(Elizabeth was barely 7 when her mother died.)
(Ah, but Elizabeth and Cap have had a wonderful mother after that...
We love Robin. My mom has even sent her Mother's Days cards through the years.)
Here she is with her hubby, Elizabeth's dad, Emory....
Isn't that a great picture?


I'm hoping Peggy can watch LONE STAR FLIP from heaven.
(I'll find out someday.)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

James Stewart was the first movie star to enter the service for World War II, joining a year before Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was initially refused entry into the Air Force because he weighed 5 pounds less than the required 148 pounds, but he talked the recruitment officer into ignoring the test. He eventually became a Colonel (active duty) and then Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve, and earned the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Croix de Guerre and 7 battle stars. In 1959, he served in the Air Force Reserve, before retiring as a brigadier general. (Walter Matthau was a sergeant in his unit).

Stewart never took an acting lesson, and felt that people could learn more when actually working rather than studying the craft.

Liberace Museum has a mirror-plated Rolls Royce; jewel-encrusted capes, and the largest rhinestone in the world, weighing 59 pounds and almost a foot in diameter.

Mahatma Gandhi used to travel with his goat so that he could have fresh milk.


What Persian Gulf warrior called his young majors in charge of combat operations "Jedi Knights"?
A: Norman Schwarzkopf.


You can only remember 4 things at a time.

A fathom is 6 feet (1.8 metres).
It is a unit of length equal to six feet (approximately 1.8 m), chiefly used in reference to the depth of water.


Tokyo, Japan was once known as Edo.


You may have already known my trivia for today.
If not, now you do!

Finally, my laptop has been sick lately, so it may have to go to the computer hospital, which means I will have some withdrawal symptoms to deal with - which might be good for me.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

3 Things: Andrew, McAllen, Woody Allen quote!

1. I had a good idea a few years ago.
I was having trouble figuring out what to give my great nieces and great nephew for their birthdays. Then I came up with the idea that I should just take each of them shopping ... for his/her own gift. Then we'd get a snack together. That served 2 purposes: each one could pick out his/her own gift AND I could spend some good time alone with each.

That happened last week with Andrew. Well, his birthday was Aug. 1st, but he seemed to think it was okay that I couldn't take him shopping until almost 7 weeks later!
Andrew who is now nine years old (can you believe it?) loves Legos.
So we went to Toys R Us.

He shopped a while ...

Then he made his decision - with a Legos box that had over 940 pieces!

We got back to his home around 4:30 pm (after a chocolate shake at McDonald's) - and the next morning his mom sent me a picture that he had FINISHED his project!
Whoa! I was impressed!!!

2.  Somewhere sometime I became acquainted with the term "WOW TOWN".
I got to thinking, "What was my WOW TOWN when I was growing up?"
I must say, MCALLEN, TEXAS.
We'd go there to shop and eat. And well, I liked it!
Some of you blog readers know what I'm talking about!
Notice how far south it is.
You can't go much farther (further) south in Texas.
 My hometown, Mission, is 5 miles west of McAllen.
I think very lovingly of both of those towns.


3. My third random thing today is this quote:

“The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the dominance of outward conditions.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Along that line I like this from the kinda quirky Woody Allen...


I hope you have a good week this next week.

I'll have some trivia on Tuesday, and some other stuff other days.
I keep enjoying blogging, and glad I have time to do it!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lone Star Flip... we loved it ... and STILL LOVE IT!!!!

About 3 Monday nights ago we had a watching party at our house.

I'm telling you about this now because a week from tomorrow (Sept. 29 at noon local time) that show is going to be repeated on H.G.T.V!!! YES!  If you missed it, you're okay! You can watch it!!

Here are the pics of our watching party in our home...

Will, Bailey, Nell and Robin (Bailey's mom) and Bob had not seen it. My mother had only seen the last half of it. Anyway, it was exciting. And in this picture below you can see Andrew and Caroline on the TV. Nell was riveted (I think that's the word.)

Ah, but I must tell you about what we in got the mail on Saturday, Sept. 2.
It's the Texas issue of LIVING. It is sent to 'resident'. That meant me of course. Normally when 'resident' gets mail she doesn't bother to open it.

I don't know why exactly, but I opened it.
Look what was on the inside of the cover page...

And then I opened the full cover page and voila!

Yes. That is my Elizabeth's BLACK DOOR RENOVATION ad!!!

By the way, you can click HERE if you'd like to see my blog post about the BIG watching party that happened in Southlake on August 26.

I know, it's been many days... but I'm still reliving the wonder of it all.

Oh yes.

And I will set my recorder to record it again!!
And you can, too. The network knows how many people watch or record a show, and lots of viewers means higher ratings!!

Oh yes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday Whimsy

... from LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)...

Those are they.

I hope you enjoyed them.

Trivia Tuesday

The word “infant” is from the Latin for “unable to speak".
 Ah, but that little baby speaks volumes, don't you think? 😊 ---------...