Saturday, September 23, 2017

3 Things: Andrew, McAllen, Woody Allen quote!

1. I had a good idea a few years ago.
I was having trouble figuring out what to give my great nieces and great nephew for their birthdays. Then I came up with the idea that I should just take each of them shopping ... for his/her own gift. Then we'd get a snack together. That served 2 purposes: each one could pick out his/her own gift AND I could spend some good time alone with each.

That happened last week with Andrew. Well, his birthday was Aug. 1st, but he seemed to think it was okay that I couldn't take him shopping until almost 7 weeks later!
Andrew who is now nine years old (can you believe it?) loves Legos.
So we went to Toys R Us.

He shopped a while ...

Then he made his decision - with a Legos box that had over 940 pieces!

We got back to his home around 4:30 pm (after a chocolate shake at McDonald's) - and the next morning his mom sent me a picture that he had FINISHED his project!
Whoa! I was impressed!!!

2.  Somewhere sometime I became acquainted with the term "WOW TOWN".
I got to thinking, "What was my WOW TOWN when I was growing up?"
I must say, MCALLEN, TEXAS.
We'd go there to shop and eat. And well, I liked it!
Some of you blog readers know what I'm talking about!
Notice how far south it is.
You can't go much farther (further) south in Texas.
 My hometown, Mission, is 5 miles west of McAllen.
I think very lovingly of both of those towns.


3. My third random thing today is this quote:

“The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the dominance of outward conditions.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Along that line I like this from the kinda quirky Woody Allen...


I hope you have a good week this next week.

I'll have some trivia on Tuesday, and some other stuff other days.
I keep enjoying blogging, and glad I have time to do it!

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