Sunday, September 10, 2017

Just thinking...

I've been thinking about quitting some stuff lately,
like blogging as much,
and being on Facebook.

And I almost totally quit playing background music in the LoneStar Antiques Tea Room. (Would you believe that I will have been playing there 12 years this November?! Whoa.)
Lately, though, I have been so busy with other things... but I DO love playing there. It's therapeutic for me, plus I have made SO MANY friends. (So for now I'm just playing Fridays and Saturdays (from 11:30 - 1:30 on Fridays and till 2:00 on Saturdays.)

I so need to take care of myself.
This is obviously not me and my children, but I really like it.

Oh and I haven't been in touch with some very dear friends in a while... I need to be in touch - or not.
But I can decide.

And I like BYOS nights. That stands for Bring Your Own Supper. That means I don't have to stress about who's coming and do I have enough food, or too much? (I can be a maniac when it comes to people not
And I don't have to even have BYOS nights, though they ARE fun.

And I don't have to be the queen of parties, and reunions, or anything.

I can say no.

I can take care of myself.

And I certainly don't need to engage in FB posts with which I totally disagree.
I mean, seldom, if ever, is anyone's mind opened or changed on FB.

But along this line, I like this...

That's all for now.

(I'll probably keep blogging and Facebooking, but maybe not quite as much.) (Maybe.)

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