Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lone Star Flip... we loved it ... and STILL LOVE IT!!!!

About 3 Monday nights ago we had a watching party at our house.

I'm telling you about this now because a week from tomorrow (Sept. 29 at noon local time) that show is going to be repeated on H.G.T.V!!! YES!  If you missed it, you're okay! You can watch it!!

Here are the pics of our watching party in our home...

Will, Bailey, Nell and Robin (Bailey's mom) and Bob had not seen it. My mother had only seen the last half of it. Anyway, it was exciting. And in this picture below you can see Andrew and Caroline on the TV. Nell was riveted (I think that's the word.)

Ah, but I must tell you about what we in got the mail on Saturday, Sept. 2.
It's the Texas issue of LIVING. It is sent to 'resident'. That meant me of course. Normally when 'resident' gets mail she doesn't bother to open it.

I don't know why exactly, but I opened it.
Look what was on the inside of the cover page...

And then I opened the full cover page and voila!

Yes. That is my Elizabeth's BLACK DOOR RENOVATION ad!!!

By the way, you can click HERE if you'd like to see my blog post about the BIG watching party that happened in Southlake on August 26.

I know, it's been many days... but I'm still reliving the wonder of it all.

Oh yes.

And I will set my recorder to record it again!!
And you can, too. The network knows how many people watch or record a show, and lots of viewers means higher ratings!!

Oh yes.

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