Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Maxwells came... and then we had an 'OH DEAR' moment!

Ryan, Laura (our daughter) and Ransom (our grandson) came and we did what we had to do.
We went to Joe T. Garcia's!
That's us after we ate the deliciousness.

Here's Ryan's brother Zach holding his nephew, Ransom.
They're both handsome, huh?

Here's Ransom with Elizabeth (and her kids) at Central Market. Ransom doesn't come to just anybody, but oh he did to Elizabeth! It was a sweet time.

After a Central Market lunch, we went over to see Ransom's great grandmother...
He really enjoyed playing with her fun toys!
(I think I must have been talking in the picture.
Well, of course. I demand attention, too!)

Here are my three grandchildren with their dads. (Uncle Will is enjoying his nephew Ransom William!)
I love that picture.

Here is Ransom out on our front sidewalk ....
That makes me smile.

Soon Laura and I wanted our picture taken together.
Little did we know...
Sam and Ryan's dad Jerry were talking about irrigation systems. Jerry is into landscape design and irrigation systems so Sam wanted to show Jerry his new system that he (Sam) can operate on his iPhone.
Vicki was set to take our picture, so Laura and I posed..
Little did I know what Sam was doing and
that I was sitting on top of a sprinkler head when he was doing it.

So that (above) was the photo that captured the experience!

After settling down, Laura and I posed for this...
What that doesn't show is that the underside of my jeans are soaked!

 So we had a good laugh.

And now we have some wonderful memories of Ryan, Laura and Ransom's visit.
Now they are back at their home in Portland, Oregon.

I'll close with a picture Ryan took on their descent into Portland.
It's Mount Hood.
Wow. Isn't that amazing?

I'll have to fly up there again and see that for myself, again.
Oh yes.


Pat said...

What a wonderful visit with family. I'm laughing about you sitting on the sprinkler head.

Nancy said...

Yes,Pat, that sprinkler head incident was CRAZY. I thought Sam had done to make me go crazy. He said it was an accident. I think I believe him!!

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