Thursday, September 14, 2017

Whoa. Quitting Facebook and Blogging...

... for 6 1/2 hours was amazing!

I was free.

On my own.

- Not worrying about others' opinions.


But then I got a text of a picture my grandson with my granddog in Oregon.

I could NOT keep that to myself.
You understand. ?

And then my son and his son came on FB, and well, I could NOT keep that from you!

I guess I am enslaved?

Do I HAVE to let/make you see my life?

I'm thinking so.

Well, grandchildren are making this resolution to stop blogging IMPOSSIBLE.

YES, I'm thinking of ordering that bumper sticker: ASK ABOUT MY GRANDCHILDREN.

(I was not one of those people


I'll end with a quote I like...

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