Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

In North America, trick-or-treating began to develop as a Halloween tradition during the 1920s, but the European tradition of going house-to-house collecting food at Halloween goes back at least as far as the 16th century. In Britain and Ireland, there are many accounts of people going house-to-house in costume at Halloween, reciting verses in exchange for food, and sometimes warning of misfortune if they were not welcomed.

Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy to be sold in the United States.

The SNICKERS bar, Originally introduced in 1929 by Frank and Ethel Mars, was named after their family horse. The original Snickers bars were sold for a nickel and consisted primarily of chocolate, peanuts and caramel.
That is my husband's favorite candy bar.

I put this next bit of trivia on Facebook Saturday afternoon. In case you missed it...


There are many alternative names for SCARECROW, including Hodmedod, Murmet, Hay-man, Gallybagger, Tattie Bogal, Mommet, Mawkin, and Bwbach.


Silly string fans should stay far away from Hollywood on Halloween. An ordinance banning the toy, first introduced in 2004 after complaints from Hollywood Boulevard property owners, is only enforced on October 31. If you're caught with sticky hands, expect to pay a $1,000 fine.


Due to gravitational effects, you weigh slightly less when the moon is directly overhead.

No wonder I like when the moon is overhead.


October is Black History Month in the United Kingdom.


That's all I have for now.

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A few of my favorite things...

1. Music, of course. Music has a magic that you can't explain, really. I guess you can if you talk about emotions.
Psychology Today put out an article,"When Music Makes You Cry," which is very interesting along that line.

Needless to say I like music (well not all music).

I particularly like the soft spa-like music of Brian Crain.


2. I have discovered the California Chicken and Avocado Flatbread at SCHLOTZKY'S.


3. Sam and I really like to watch MURDOCH MYSTERIES.

Click HERE to read about it on Wikipedia.
And click HERE to read about it on IMDB.
And click HERE to go to its official website.
(I thought some of you retirees might like to read ALL about it,
since you might have some time on your hands.)


4. Here's a recent doodle I did while listening to the news.
(Doodling helps me listen.)


5.  Here's a chart I like.
(I don't think it needs an explanation.)
I haven't really tried these remedies out,
but I like the fact that I can - someday maybe.


6. I'll close with one of my favorite quotes by C. S. Lewis:

We may note in passing that He (Jesus) was never regarded as a mere moral teacher. He did not produce that effect on any of the people who actually met Him. He produced mainly three results---Hatred---Terror---Adoration. There was no trace of people expressing mild admiration.  - C. S. Lewis
 That inspires me to adore Jesus more.


Those are some of my favorite things today.

(They're playing the Redskins as I type.)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

He has been playing Trigger, his beloved guitar (which he named after Roy Rogers’ horse), since 1969. “I’ve got to take good care of Trigger,” Nelson told Uncut Magazine in 2014. “He’s had a couple of problems. We’ve had to go in and do some work on the inside, build up the woodwork in there a little bit over the years. But Trigger’s holding up pretty good.”


There are over 3 billion Internet users in the world as of 2017, and the number may only continue to grow as dependence on the Internet and access to it increases. From shopping to information gathering to connecting with friends, the Internet serves many purposes to many people.


Japan has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world.
Switzerland, Australia, and Spain are next on the list.
Japan's average life expectancy is 84 years.


Bobby Leach, a British national born in 1858, was the first man to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Unfortunately, years later, he slipped on an orange peel and injured his leg. The leg became infected and he died of complications two months later. 
(The first person to go over the Niagara Falls was a woman!)
You can read about both of them by clicking HERE.


Lightning strikes men about seven times more often than it does women.


If you have fall allergies, you're likely affected by ragweed, the most common trigger this time of year.
I know, some of you know that this is no new trivia to YOU!!!


Check your map! Virginia extends farther west than West Virginia!


Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams.
Yes, avocados are fruits, as they grow on trees.
In Brazil, where we lived for a while, the folks couldn't believe we'd eat avocados with onions and tomatoes, as in guacamole. They made ice cream and puddings out of avocados!


Leap years exempted, January always begins on the same day as October.
(I don't have a picture for that.)


Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day.

Well, that makes me want to take a nap.

I'll close now.

Sweet dreams.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Some sillies - for Monday

Mary was going to the office party but needed a new party dress.
In the clothing store she asked, "May I try on that dress in the window, please?"
"Certainly not, madam,'" responded the salesgirl. "You'll have to use the fitting room like everyone else.”



Did you hear about the new garlic diet?
You don't actually lose weight, but you look thinner from a distance.



A distraught older woman is looking at herself in the mirror and crying. Her voice shakes as she says to her husband, "I'm so old. I'm so fat. I look horrible. I really need a compliment."
Her husband, determined to quickly give his beloved the comfort she needs, exclaims, "Darn, do you have good eyesight!"


There was this limo driver who was in business for 25 years without a single customer...
All that time and nothing to chauffeur it.



It was Halloween night... A man was walking home from work when he heard thump noises behind him.

He turned around and saw a coffin following him.

He was scared and started to run, the coffin kept right up with him.

He got to his house ran through the front door, locked it and ran upstairs.

The coffin busted through the front door and followed the man upstairs.

The man ran for his life and then locked himself in the bathroom.

The coffin burst into the bathroom.

The man totally freaked out reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed what he could find.

What he grabbed was cough drops. He threw the cough drops at the coffin and the coffin stopped.



Yes, those were silly.

Sometimes I like silly.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

5 Things

I have a few random things that I'll blog about today, in no particular order...

1. I've been playing just two days in the tea room lately (just Fridays and Saturdays) and it seems to be making me want to still play. That means that playing a lot was burning me out. (Well, I will have been playing there 12 years next month!) (And yes, I still love it, when I'm not tired of it.)

You'd be surprised at the requests I get.
For example, recently one lady wanted me to play "Alice Blue Gown". Had you heard of it? I hadn't, but I had it in an old Reader's Digest book of oldies.


[You can click HERE to read a little about the history of that song.]

So my repertoire is increasing.


2. Did you know that magnesium is super for you? My dear friend Beth had told me about it not long ago, so I got some. I like it.

Here's an article about it that you will like... "Magnesium and the Brain".  Labeling it as the 'original chill pill' got my attention.

3. You probably know about the rage of "Tiny Houses", well, now there are Micro Houses.
Here's a prefab micro house...
I think it needs curtains, or shades.
And well, it might make a nice summer home,
I guess.


4. Many of you know that I had worked on a book about being a twin and 'losing' that twin. And many of you know that I had put that project on a back burner. Well, it's back on the front burner!
My hubby has said he is ready to work at formatting that book - to get it ready to publish on paper back and e-book.
I finished my part a while back, and am tempted to read it, so as to make it better, but no, I don't think I want to do that. I mean nothing is perfect in this life, nor can that 'memoir' be. I need to let it go.
But as you can imagine, the idea of it does come with sad feelings.
Along that line here is a quote I like - and with which I agree.
On grief: Kahlil Gibran observed,
 "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

Here's a picture of really-way-back-bygone days with Peggy Jean (I'm Nancy Jane), so yes, we did have twinsy names after all, but fortunately we weren't Sherry and Cherry, a pair of twins I knew long ago.
Some of you are thinking, "Yeah, right. Nancy has been promising that book for years."
Well, the plan IS to have it out by the end of November.
I'm hoping my blogging about it (again) will make it happen!

(I'll keep you posted.)


5. That above picture of Peggy and me was taken about in 1952 - or 1953.
Here's a picture of my and Peggy's kids that was taken in maybe 1992, about 3 years after Peggy died.
The oldest are Peggy's and the youngest are mine.

I love that picture.

I'll let those last two pics be my celebration of ThrowBackThursday.

Well, this has not been a short post (like I like), but I like it,
and will hit "Publish" now.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trivia Tuesday

The crow has long been recognized as an intelligent bird, sophisticated in communication, able to use tools and remember faces. They'd been hard to understand because they foiled all the studies, but eventually scientists proved crows so advanced they join apes, monkeys and humans for higher-order relational thinking.


What team won 3 Super Bowls in the 1990s?  The Dallas Cowboys!! (You probably knew this.)


A group of unicorns is called a blessing.

Worrying too much is scientifically associated with higher intelligence. People who over-think tend to have higher IQs.


More money is spent on gardening than on any other hobby!


As of 2017, there are 196 countries in the world. However, some would say that number should be 195 as Taiwan is not considered a country by some nations.


Harry S. Truman was the last U.S. President with no college degree.


The Texas state pepper is the jalapeƱo.


The popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan was originally created by the British government as a form of propaganda to motivate citizens to stay strong during World War II.


You may have known all of this, but maybe not?

In any case, have a great week!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I have a new favorite book!

It is ...

by Cyndy Waitz Bartelli...

Cyndy is an absolutely wonderful writer ... and a giver of God's healing for every person's heart.

Here is a 'testimonial' of her book ...
[After telling how God has been healing her own heart, a reader of THE HEART HEALER wrote...] "My husband (who has struggled with PTSD for years) picked up The Heart Healer and read the entire book in two days. He usually gets a book and reads maybe two chapters. He was so excited when he finished the book, he asked if I would order his own copy so he could read it again. Since reading the book his attitude about many things is so different. For example, in spite of some major financial challenges with construction at our home, he has been amazing. He has dealt with each crisis in a calm and appropriately responsive manner. These are such big changes. Praise the Lord." ~ Private Contributor, Pacific Northwest

Did you read that? 
That is amazing... and just one of the reviews of her book.

You can click HERE to order Cyndy's book on Amazon.

I could tell you that Cyndy is a friend from Mission, TX (my hometown), but that might tell you that I have an agenda in promoting her book.
Actually it means MORE that she is from my hometown (a grade ahead of me, and she was homecoming queen, and head cheerleader).
We did not hang out together...
but Cyndy was (is) one of my favorite people in the world... and that she wrote this book is, well, amazing. I am so glad she did.

I hope you order it.
Read it.

It will change your life.

Order it HERE.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday Whimsy

... from LoneStar Antiques, 5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX...



Those are the treasures I found this week.
I really like them.
'Hope you do, too.

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