Sunday, October 15, 2017

I have a new favorite book!

It is ...

by Cyndy Waitz Bartelli...

Cyndy is an absolutely wonderful writer ... and a giver of God's healing for every person's heart.

Here is a 'testimonial' of her book ...
[After telling how God has been healing her own heart, a reader of THE HEART HEALER wrote...] "My husband (who has struggled with PTSD for years) picked up The Heart Healer and read the entire book in two days. He usually gets a book and reads maybe two chapters. He was so excited when he finished the book, he asked if I would order his own copy so he could read it again. Since reading the book his attitude about many things is so different. For example, in spite of some major financial challenges with construction at our home, he has been amazing. He has dealt with each crisis in a calm and appropriately responsive manner. These are such big changes. Praise the Lord." ~ Private Contributor, Pacific Northwest

Did you read that? 
That is amazing... and just one of the reviews of her book.

You can click HERE to order Cyndy's book on Amazon.

I could tell you that Cyndy is a friend from Mission, TX (my hometown), but that might tell you that I have an agenda in promoting her book.
Actually it means MORE that she is from my hometown (a grade ahead of me, and she was homecoming queen, and head cheerleader).
We did not hang out together...
but Cyndy was (is) one of my favorite people in the world... and that she wrote this book is, well, amazing. I am so glad she did.

I hope you order it.
Read it.

It will change your life.

Order it HERE.



Unknown said...

Hi Nancy. I've had to read slowly because of grandchildren and activities. It is a wonderful book. It has made such a difference for me as well. I am also a fellow MHS alumni, two grades below you, but I remember you well. Thank you for you for sharing.

Nancy said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for your comment here ... and I am so glad we are FB friends now!!!

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