Sunday, October 8, 2017

Oh my, I love this stage of life.

 I really do love this stage of life.

Look who came into the antique mall tea room Friday!
We take care of our grandchildren Nell and Liam all day Fridays (and about 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons). We are really enjoying our time with those sweeties.
Really really.

Dear Sam has encouraged me to go and play in the antique mall tea room Fridays, since it usually is a busy day there.
I oblige!
After putting Liam down for his morning nap, I get dressed up and go to the tea room. Then Sam and Nell have some DaddyPap/granddaughter time, eating lunch and maybe watching "Peppa Pig" on Nick Jr.  Then about an hour or 2 later Liam wakes up, Sam changes his diaper, feeds him and then I get home around 2 o'clock - and send Sam off to the bedroom to rest, while I watch the dear ones till about 4, when Bailey gets off work (teaching 8th English at a nearby junior high).

Well, this past Friday Sam realized that Liam was getting his nap done early, and well, why not load the little ones up and come over to see Grammy?!
I was so glad to get to show them off. And they were both so good. I even took Nell and Liam back to the kitchen to see the chef, Alex, and his helper Lorena - and the wonderful dishwasher Josh.
And yes, Liam is yawning in that picture. Ah, but he didn't sleep anymore with us that day. He played with Nell!

Here's a darling picture of Liam that Bailey put on Facebook this week, with this caption:
This is the way that Liam looks at his sister every time she enters the room. They are absolutely best friends these days and it brings us so much joy to see them play together and hear their constant laughter. I don't think there is a single better feeling than the one you get when you witness your children loving each other to the fullest.
Isn't he so handsome, and adorable, and huggable?
Oh my.

And here he is with his big sister.
You can't hear Liam, but he is laughing at Nell's jumping!
(We had a special time babysitting them Saturday night, with my dear mom joining us.)
I love how she grabs his hand, and engages him in her dance!

Later in the evening he went up to his Nana, my mom, and hugged her!!
I didn't have my camera ready for the hug, but I had it ready for her stooping down
and loving on him.
And he was calling her 'Nana'.
This was a major event...
and my eyes were leaking!

Oh my!


I couldn't talk about Nell and Liam and their parents without showing you this picture our daughter Laura put on Facebook recently of her family...
I think that picture is amazing - of all three!!
Oh my.

And of course I can't show them to you, without showing you my greatnieces and nephews' recent pictures when the school year started...

Are they not beautiful and handsome?
Oh my yes.


That's my post for today.

I love it and everyone in it.


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