Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nell's Nook!

Our granddaughter has been four years old now for about 2 1/2 weeks.
Whoa. I can remember when she was barely walking!

Not only is she wonderful, she's also beautiful and smart, and very loving!
Up there she's carrying her birthday gift from her Nana (her great grandmother, my mom).
That is really a doggy purse, but the stuffed doggy's face is hiding.
That didn't matter to Nell; she began carrying that bag around for quite a while.

She also got a kitchen from her Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle Ken...

Actually that wasn't a birthday gift,
but a hand-me-down kitchen that her second cousins used to play with. 
Whoa, when Nell saw that, well, she began making us meals -
and cooked and cleaned for about 2 hours!!
(I'm going to remember that.)

We thought she'd enjoy the kitchen, but little did we know how much!!
Thanks, Pat and Ken!!!

Fortunately Nell didn't mess up her manicure and pedicure when she worked in the kitchen..
Nell's Mimi (Bailey's mom) is so great about keeping Nell's hands and feet beautiful!

Besides being domestic in the kitchen, Nell loves to go down slides.
That's Nell at the McDonald's indoor playground in Bedford.
She can climb all the way up to the very top, and then slide down!

And here's Nell climbing up the big slide at an outside park in Bedford.

And here, at that same park, she is helping brother Liam swing high!

Nell is such a good big sister to Liam.

Here is what she told her preschool teacher before Thanksgiving,
when her teacher asked Nell what she was thankful for...
Isn't that WONDERFUL!?!

Recently when she and her brother came over
I said, "Oh Nell, I just love it when you come to my house!"
Immediately she said, "And Liam, too!"
"Oh my yes," I said.

I so love that she always includes him in her loving heart.

I've said this before: it seems as if I've always known Nell.
Well, I certainly can't imagine life without her.

Love you, Nell!!!!


Pat said...

Such a sweet post. And I’m so glad Nell is enjoying the kitchen.

Nancy said...

Oh yes, Pat! I don't think Nell could enjoy that kitchen more!!!
We're so glad you shared it with us!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Grandbabies are the best. Such a sweet blog, Nancy. <3 u

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