Saturday, November 25, 2017


A week ago Friday night Bear Valley had its annual Thanksgiving banquet. This year the banquet started out by celebrating 25 years since Bear Valley Community Church began.

First, a fun children's choir performed...

Then, some video interviews were shown of people who were there at or near the beginning.

Sam and I were on the first video, since we were the first members, having started the church on Easter Sunday, 1992.
I didn't get a picture of that, but that is okay. (There is nothing like seeing yourself on a video talking - and well, looking older than you think you look.)

Here's Peggy and Robert Werner...
That's a bad picture, but it gives you an idea of how we saw the videos.
Peggy and Robert started coming the very first year
when we met in the old movie theater at North East Mall in Hurst.

Here's Kathy and Jim Anderson...
They joined us as we were meeting in the Bransford Elementary School in Colleyville.
It was great to hear about how they (and the Werners) were affected by Bear Valley,
and how, in turn, Bear Valley is still being wonderfully affected by their lives.

After looking back on BV's beginnings, Lee, the pastor, shared with the group just how many mission projects BV is involved with now.
Whoa. I was amazed. And so inspired.

Then all of the BV mission organizations/trips were celebrated by a parade of posters
with people involved in each project.

Here's more of a closeup look at a few.
[Hi, Amanda!]
(Every year she goes to Hyderabad, India, to help in BV's many ministries there.)
We love you, Amanda!!

When the banquet was over, we got to visit more with the Werners...

 And then Jay Gosdin came over and the three guys did a lot of reminiscing...
Those guys love getting together!

Well, there are a lot of other folks that we thought about at the 25th celebration of Bear Valley.
Wow, if we ALL got together what a time that would be!!!


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Unknown said...

I would have loved to have given our story too. Marcie our daughter grew up with your kids in the church. Martha found the church after I gave her three things I wanted in a church and she could go out and find the church before I would come. Maybe on the 30th anniversary I can talk about those three things. I am probably the only member left that was on both building committees for our wonderful two buildings that have brought hundreds of people to our church. And Martha and I started the coffee bar and helped source the equipment that to this day is the first thing that greets new attenders as they come into our church. We like being in the background and few know about our seniority. God knows that we have been with Bear Valley for 25 years. And He is what matters!

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