Friday, December 15, 2017

Amazingly Awesome Anna

I got to spend some time with my precious great niece Anna last Monday.

We have a tradition: sometime after her birthday (November 9) I take her out to buy a gift of her choice, then we get a snack together, and get to have a great visit, just the two of us.
We did it.
And we had fun.
That first picture was when we were having a snack, after we shopped at ToysRus.

Then we came back to her home and her mother took our picture.

As we were checking out at ToysRus I found out her favorite candy is Twix. She is holding 3 Twix bars in that above picture. One was for her, and one for her brother, and one for her sister.
(I think soon I'll go buy one of my own. YUM.)

For the last 3 years we've had the same tradition. It dawned on me that that was half of her life, as she is 6 years old! We've always gone to ToysRus, where she picks out a gift in about 2 1/2 minutes, then we go to nearby Wendy's where I buy her a large chocolate Frosty, and we always sit at the same table.
And we talk and talk.
Talk about fun!!

Monday Anna told me all about  the kinds of candy her brother and sister like, as well as what her mother and father like. (Sounds like part of Christmas to me.)
And we talked about her dance classes, and she told me the names of some of her friends that dance with her.
And she told me how her family's youngest dog is now in obedience school for about a month. He should be really good when he gets out!

We also talked about how she is learning a song on the piano and how she has taught it to her friend Katie.
We also talked about how old I am and how I have been playing the piano for 56 years! That got us to talking about how old her Mimi and Pops are (her dad's parents). I got the feeling that she thinks we're all 'getting on up there'.  And then I told her how I decided to 'go gray' and how I am okay with that and even like that, well, until someone asks my mother and me which one of us is older (that actually happened).

So we had a fun conversation!
I'm still smiling.

Oh, what did Anna pick out for her birthday?
It was this! ...
Good choice, Anna!
That looks like fun!!!

I'll close with a picture I put up on Facebook recently.
That's Anna with me and her big brother and big sister.
That picture is made in their living room.
At that time Sam and I hadn't gotten our own tree up yet.
We have now, though,
so soon I will blog about how we had a super tree decorator work with us.

So Anna, I know we went out over a month after your birthday,
but I think that meant your birthday celebration lasted a super long time.

Speaking of that, Caroline has a birthday Dec. 28.
That means we'll go out in January for her gift and snack.
So Caroline's birthday will last into the new year!

Well, I'm okay with my birthday lasting for months!
Why not?

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