Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Album - 2017

This photo album is NOT exhaustive.
(We still have Christmas to celebrate in mid January.
- I like drawing celebrations way out through the weeks.)

Here are just a few pictures - with me wishing I'd taken more.

I didn't take this first picture, but here are my 2 Texas grandchildren Christmas Eve...
Are they not amazingly cute/darling/wonderful???

Sam and I went to Collective Church's Christmas Eve service...
Here is Caroline, Rob's (the pastor - and our nephew's) wife,
with their youngest son, Abel...
Yes, they are gorgeous people.

Then we got pictures texted to us from Oregon...

And there's this on Christmas Day... 
Oh my. I can't look at that enough!

On Christmas morning, we had Christmas breakfast!!!

Here are Sam and John cooking, with Andrew looking on.

And then John serenaded us a little on the piano. (You didn't know he played? He does!!)


Well, I did not get a picture of the food, nor us eating the food.
(I guess I had forgotten I had a blog!)
Sam knows how to make good sausage gravy for the biscuits. Yum.
And Elizabeth's homemade cinnamon rolls were divine.
It was all wonderful.
After we ate, we (Sam and the kids) opened 2 big boxes of gifts...

Those 2 gifts were for "Grammy and Daddy Pap's House"... and were like an indoor play gym, and an arts and crafts table. (I will show them to you when they are assembled, which has not happened yet.)

This next picture is of Elizabeth with Liam.
You can't tell it, but Liam was laughing loudly as Elizabeth was playing with him. 
(I love hearing Liam laugh!!)
Here's Liam with his dad, Will...
Liam's glasses add a certain dignity to him, don't you think?
AND it is OBVIOUS they are helping him see. YAY!!!


At our Christmas breakfast celebration were Ryan's parents and sister, Victoria.
We were thrilled they could join us.
And they helped us have a fun 'FaceTime' with Ryan, Laura and Ransom in Oregon.

It was a super fun Christmas.

Then everyone went off to their other family celebrations.
I'm glad they got to start the morning with us,
well, after they had discovered Santa's gifts.

I love Christmas...
but I don't mind telling you that I'm glad when it's over.

Ah, but I love the memories!!!

Oh, and my mother was there (here) looking gorgeous,
with wonderful gifts.
(My camera forgot about my blog.)


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