Sunday, December 31, 2017

Let's have fun!

I may nominate my Sam for 'Granddad of the Year'.
(Let me know if there is such a contest.)
(Oh, I will start a contest! Sam is the winner!!)

"Daddy Pap" (My Hubby Sam) ordered some fun stuff for our house for Christmas- and let it be for our grandkids and great nieces and nephew...

Here's Sam putting some of it together..

The table was quite a find.

And nothing he ordered 'broke the bank', as they say.

I can't wait till the little ones see it all.

(I'll let you know how they like it.)
(Well, I LIKE IT!!)


1 comment:

Pat said...

Way to go, Sam!!! Proud of you.

I need to chuckle...

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