Friday, December 8, 2017

Oh my, Peggy would be proud!

I don't know, maybe Peggy IS proud.
I don't know what heaven is really like... but that is where my dear twin is -since 1989.
And here is her dear daughter and her granddaughters...
They were at the Christmas Tea last Saturday at the First Baptist Church in Grapevine, TX.
Here's Anna in her pretty Christmas dress...

And guess who else was there?!
Yes, that's Mother and I in that picture!!!
After the tea we took a walk to see the beautiful trees on display
in the new 'educational building' of FBC, Grapevine.

We all were standing in front of The Cross Tree in that picture.

Here Mother, Elizabeth and I are standing near the huge tree in the new building's foyer.

And nearby was Anna's new Sunday School class room...
The room was filled with tables like that
and the next day there would be lots of children sitting on all of the chairs
having a Sunday School lesson!!

Now this next picture was taken the next day (Sunday).
(I'm borrowing these next pictures from Elizabeth's Facebook post.)
That was the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new building.
Notice the pretty young lady in the black dress who is helping cut the ribbon.

Now notice how she is speaking on the microphone...
Yes! That is Caroline!! OUR CAROLINE!!!

She was thanking everybody for giving of their time, energy, and resources
for making the building possible.
Caroline also talked about growing up in that church and she thanked everyone
for laying a wonderful foundation for her in her Christian faith.
(Isn't that wonderful?)
Here she is with her proud parents...
And there she is in front of that huge tree.
(By the way, she'll be 11 later this month.)

What an honor that she was chosen to speak at that ribbon cutting ceremony.
But then, why wouldn't she be?
She is a wonderful example of a beautiful Christian young lady - inside and out.

And if Grandma Peggy knows about this, she is beaming with joy in heaven!

I'll leave you with a picture of Peggy with Caroline's mother, little Elizabeth.

I'm thinking that picture was taken in 1983.
I love it.


(By the way, my book about Peggy won't be out until sometime after the new year,
just so you know.)

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Melissa Norman Hahn said...

I'm sure she is very proud and watching her family with delight. Nice to know the legacy continues. Does the musical gene continue?


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