Saturday, December 2, 2017

Six Things I'm Not Doing Anymore...

(I wrote this post in December 2011, and am going to repost it here, because I want to - and it has helped me since then!)

Six Things I'm Not Doing Anymore...
1. Going on Holiday Home Tours in Colleyville or Southlake - or any other ritzy cities.
I just get into the comparison mode and want to go out and buy a bunch of new decorations for my house.
(I got that picture of that fabulous staircase off the internet.)
Plus I want to buy new clothes, when I see all of the other ladies decked out in their fancy holiday attire.

2. Comparing myself to every other bloke in the universe.

3. Getting my hubby and me matching shirts. Well, unless they're sports-related... like these that Sam got for him and me last year ...
(I read recently that husbands don't usually like to wear matching clothes (unless they're sports related).
I thought they DID. 

3. Putting decorations way up high - when they have to come down in just one month.

4. Promising I'm going to send out Christmas cards, when I just may not.

5. Thinking I have to buy the perfect gift for that person whose name I drew, when there is no such thing as the perfect gift ... well, unless I were able to read minds.

6. Refraining from trying to read minds.

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